1st Stage Feeder Issue

I have ran into my first AMS issue. I am trying to load a spool of Bambu Lab PLA Matte and when I put it in the first stage feeder it pulls in about 7 inches or so and stops. The gears just spin back and forth but the gears do not engage. I get a single red flash and then the light changes to white and I do not get an error.

I originally thought I had a piece of broken filament, so I took the AMS apart and checked the PTFE tubes. No filament and everything looks good. When I look at the first stage feeder on the other 3 slots, the right-most gears are horizontal like here:

However, on my problem feeder, the right most gears are vertical and they do not appear to move up and down as they do in the others. Here is a pic of the bad feeder gears.

As additional info, I can click the Load Filament button in Bambu Studio it will feed in and function normally except it will not read the RFID tag. I can also unload the filament by clicking the Unload filament button and it will roll back up. And the gears in question looks like the other slots. However, if I change filament or refresh the slot so it will recognize what filament is there, the gears just spins and will not load filament properly.

None of the wiki articles appears to address my issue. Any suggestions?