2 printers, countless issues, and support without touch

I have previously posted about my issues here: Printhead cover magnets unglued and cant claim warranty but this wasn’t the end of my problems so I am making a more detailed timeline of my ownership of a Bambu Lab X1C with AMS.
We received the printer on the 20th of March and had a jam the next day which was later fixed since they did not respond to my ticket. After a few good prints, there was that head crash on 28.3. and after arguing with the support for a few day printer was packed on 7.4. I got no answer from support before I posted on the forum but then they wanted to fix it real quick so here is a free tech tip for anyone who isn’t getting responses from support for a few days, forum is where it looks like support spends most of the time. Another issue was that I replaced the cold plate sticker with the high temp one and that was damaged by the head as well as the magnetic surface for it, both parts of the housing, cutter, and the hotend were bent. Firstly they only offered me 30€ credit for me to buy a new front cover but after some arguing we agreed that I would send back the printer and get a new one. I demanded they send me a replacement high temp plate instead of the cold one and wanted some compensation for lost filament, spoiler I got none of that. I unfortunately didn’t have all the original packing material which was a point of friction with support but when they sent me the packing video it wasn’t even for the material I got originally.

Now I will speed thru some dates:

12.4. was the day I finally sent back the printer since they took 3 days to get me a shipping label which wasn’t even good at the end and I had to deliver the box to the post office instead of then arranging pickup.
15.4. rejected delivery at their end
17.4. they received my printer for inspection before sending a replacement
24.4. I bugged them for the new printer shipping details which they said were already set
26.4. the date they sent the replacement printer
3.5. we received the new printer but now without any high temp plate and we were out of ours
11.5 finally received a high temp plate and were able to continue printing

They said that this process will take around 2 weeks but it took more than a month so big red flag here.
The new printer hasn’t made one good print and after going back a forth with the support they insist that a printer that is made for printing carbon filaments and comes with a 0.4mm nozzle and has a setting for a 0.16mm layer names OPTIMAL is not made for this. I know it is recommended to use a 0.6mm nozzle but it says it is OK with 0.4 even though not recommended and the setting 0.16 is named optimal but they claim that you shouldn’t go under 0.2.

This is what i was getting so I sent them my project and they “fixed it” by putting it on a 0.2 mm layer and changing the settings to be a bit more conservative as well as changing the infill.

And this is the result of their file and when I said that it was not ok this was their response:

And yes the filament was dried correctly despite being new.

I think I don’t have to prove anymore that the printer has issues as well as their after-sales system and I don’t know what to do. They closed my ticket 3 times despite me repeatedly saying to leave it open until we get the issues resolved. Even after that, I am scared to send the printer back since I don’t think I will get all the money back for all the spare parts since they messed up with the plate before despite me being so specific and I don’t even know if I can send it back since this is acceptable for them.


Anyone considering buying this printer gets a Prusa i3MK4 it looks way better (I worked with 3 MK3s all with over 3000h of use and they worked way way better)
Anyone having issues with support just stand by what they should do or just let the forum know how are they treating you.

And for the BambuLab team:

Issue a recall for faulty magnets and fix the design of them (free tech tip: if you insert them from the side then cant be pulled out).
Fix your support and start reading what people write (if I said I have dried the filament don’t recommend it as a solution, etc.)
Stop false advertising (i have AI detection on high and it detects spaghetti only a quarter of time, if it can’t print on a 0.4 nozzle remove it)
And if I press extrude on the screen only the extruder spins but not the AMS and the extruder melts filament quite often and then clogs.
I could go on for longer but if this is fixed it will be a good step forward.

Hi there,

I was the person that handled your ticket, then one of our colleagues took over when you reported issues with the print quality. The ticket is still available if you think the results are not as expected. You just need to reply to it and we will discuss it further.

The print quality issue reported was related to the settings used. Not all contents from the ticket are reported here and the screenshot with the latest reply is cut. But one of the main reasons of bad quality was the layer height and the settings used.

I recommend increasing the layer height to 0.2 mm and also increasing the number of top layers to 5, as printing with the settings you have shared will not provide the results you were expecting.

As mentioned, please send a message to the ticket if you still need help and we will assist.


Yet, probably 99.9% of the people who purchased a Bambu printer have no issues with their printers. I am not saying they are perfect, there is no such thing, but Bambu printers are pretty damn good. I have two of the X1C’s and have never had an issue that I didn’t cause. As with all technology, sometimes you get a dud. And sometimes, you create a dud by your own actions.

Regardless, I hope your issues are resolved quickly and you have many thousands of hours of successful printing in your future.


As visible in the screenshot below I received a message informing me ticket will be closed in 24 hours which I clearly said that you should not do since the issue is still not resolved.

And so we are clear the latest reply is cut because it is just you closing the ticket which is disrespectful when there is a clear issue. And yes I did not post all of the ticket originally since it is irrelevant. I was sent a “fixed” project that one of your support people did for me to print and the layer height is 0.2mm. This was stated way too many times and all I get is that you recommend increasing the height to 0.2mm which it already is.
And regarding the full ticket response before anyone says I should try what they suggested (265C temp and 5 top layers) I did and this was the result:

I am no 3d printing expert but this looks more than just a bad setting.

And highrise955 I totally agree with you that most people won’t have problems and when they do have them that is normal and I have no issue with that. I know 3d printing is hard but my issue is not with the printer but with how they manage them. They act like their printers are perfect and to say to a failed print that the quality is as expected is just stupid like that 0.2mm layer hight. They literally sent me the file that they fixed for me to test and I printed it and sent them the results they recommended 0.2mm again.
So if you have a printer and that has no issues all I can say is try too keep it like that since the support is the issue, not the printer.


I am sorry if you found the message disrespectful. That was not the intention.

But the message you shared in the picture states that we are going to close the ticket if there is no reply from your side in the next 24 hours. This is done in order for us to be able to solve the tickets that do not get any reply back. Still, the tickets can be easily re-opened if needed and help is still required

As you can see, our latest message was sent on the 31st of May, then we followed back with a reminder to ask if there’s anything we can do for you further. The lack of a reply lead us to believe your problem was solved.

The problem you are seeing in your picture seems more like a partial clog of the nozzle which lead to the failure. Are you using our filament, or is it a different filament from a different company?

Carbon Fiber filament can lead to clogs, depending on the size of the particulates of CF inside them, and that’s why I am asking for more info.

Ideally, please provide all the information in the ticket, and we will continue to offer you help until a solution is found. We will help you solve this problem and get good results.


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Hello Ciprian,

Please reread the ticket. Most of the information you are looking for including my testing with Prusament PETG which does not have CF is there.

And please read my messages entirely not just the part you want to read for example I had my ticket closed 2 or 3 times despite my saying not to close it until we have a solution.

All I want is a solution for me to get a print I got with the original printer. How you will do that is up to you but do not expect me to give much energy into that anymore.