Printhead cover magnets unglued and cant claim warranty

I recommend my boss upgrade our company Anycubic Mega X to either Prusa i3s or Bambu Lab x1 carbon combo. The decision was made to spend on 2000 USD on a printer, some filaments, and extra parts.

The printer came quite quickly (1 week-EU) and after setting everything up it did 2 good PLA-CF prints that come on the printer and stopped extruding during the third print. I wrote up a support ticket for the extruder being stuck and for the app not letting me open a ticket. 5 days later I get a response for the bug report ticket but not the extruder issue so I decided to disassemble everything like the instructions said:Extruder Clog | Bambu Lab Wiki . After I removed a blob of filament I put everything back together and did a test print from the machine and it was ok.

Then we started using the printer for production and it made 2 really good 6h prints during the third print it started having extruder issues again. This time it took me 2 times to clean the extruder for the printer to start printing again and when it started working it was really good.

The real issue happened during that print. The printer sent out a notification about possible spaghetti and when checking what happened the bed was moved, the head cover was just laying there and the door was pushed open. After checking the printer and time-laps I concluded that both top magnets on the toolhead cover unglued themselves staying with the printhead while the cover started falling off until it started destroying the insides of the printer. I am guessing the printer did not know the cover fell off since it was still seeing the magnet.

Now it has been 8 days since that. I made a warranty claim thru a support ticket since I don’t know of any better way to contact support and still no response. The printer is great and everything, until you have a problem and nobody, helps you with a 2000 USD paperweight.

If anyone knows how I can tackle this issue I would be grateful. Everyone else makes sure your magnets are glued properly and until Bambu Lab fixes this issue (either better support when it does happen or some sort of recall) all I can say is DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER.

Keep waiting for your claim with BL Support. In the mean time, put your cover back on, and tape it. So long as the wires and connections to the cover did not get damaged and the fan still works, you will be OK.

You might want to think of going with a .6mm nozzle, as BL does not recommend printing CF or any filament with solid additives with a .4mm nozzle due to high chance of clogging the nozzle.

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They did get in contact with me after I made this post but all they did was offer a new printhead cover. The issue is that the printer didn’t stop when the cover fell off and bent the hotend, damaged the build plate and the magnet heatbed, bent the cutter, and damaged the main printhead housing including scratching the laser and chute at the back.

And I did not know that they do not recommend the CF filaments for 0.4 nozzles so thank you for letting me know that altho they do specify on the filament shop that both PLA-CF and PETG-CF are made for 0.4 nozzles and in Europe, those are the only filament that they have in stock.

Also thank you for your time and advice.


You are not married to the BL filaments. You can use any that you like, you will just have to do a little tuning. Their default “Generic” profiles work pretty well, just not as fast, but still faster than anything else.

For full on tuning of filaments, download and install OrcaSlicer (fork of Bambu Studio). That program has excellent calibrations and a ton of YouTube videos on how to use it.

In the meantime, if BL is dragging their feet on resolving the issue, you can keep hammering them, send the log files, pictures of the printer S/N, pictures of the damage (more than you posted here), purchase receipt and that this is being used commercially. Maybe even order up the replacement parts (and a .6mm nozzle) and work them for a credit/refund for the purchased parts to get you going.

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If you have the timelapse of this happening then I don’t see the issue. Sent them the video to show what happened

Welcome to the forum, sorry you’re having issues!

I’ll second the recommend on .6 Nozzle. That’s been the recommendation in the 3D world for any filled filaments like CF, Glass, Wood, Metal Filled, some Marbles, etc. for some time.

Nozzles should also be hardened for those materials as they’re abrasive.

As for the Support ticket, be aware due to the viral sales of this printer they found support was quickly overwhelmed. They are training new staff and adding support infrastructure, but it takes time to setup, so some of the staff are pretty new.

Not making excuses for them, just giving you a heads up of the real world situation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep after them, they are usually pretty good if slow. Most often they give a Store credit for it.

But absolutely get a .6 or of they’re big parts, even a .8 nozzle. You might also check out this long discussion on the new CHT nozzles which BL hasn’t gotten implemented but I suspect are coming in later machines.
They allow a much improved flow:

Another things you might wish to read up on is OrcaSlicer if you haven’t found it yet. It has some more advanced settings than BL Studio and more importantly a bunch of two and three click Calibrations that Studio hasn’t gotten yet.

I did a PSA about it here: PSA Up your Game Studio, SoftFever OrcaSlicer, & Arachne - Bambu Lab Software - Bambu Lab Community Forum



I’ll pile in on this as well. Both of my top magnets have come loose. The difference is that the magnets came loose from the back cover, not the front. I know it’s still a new product line, but this kind of sucks for a $1200 product. I’m also only on day 2.

And yes, every manufacturer recommends at least a 0.6mm nozzle for CF and other filaments with additives (metals, glow in the dark, wood, etc).

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Firstly thanks to everyone pitching in.

Regarding the nozzle, I will probably stay with 0,4mm for now since I never noticed it being a cause for a failed print and I draw with a 0,4mm nozzle in mind. I also think there is a problem with the extruder motor since it heats up to the point it’s too hot to touch and it might help with a jam while retracting. I also have quite reserved settings regarding what printers can do. Altho I will have to use OrcaSlicer since the Prusament recommendation for PETG is out of the range of the generic profile on the printer.

And for the BL support in one word terrible. They received the images posted here, a timelaps, and the log 9 days again, and after I called them out here yesterday they finally responded. They offered a store credit or a new front cover but since there is more damage I did not agree and sent them detailed pictures of the damages they offered the same and maybe they would add the build plate but still no bent nozzle replacement nor a solution for other damaged parts. They also offered for me to ship the device and all of the accessories back with all the packing material which I do not have or I can pay for another printer they will send and I can send it back in that box and if everything is as they want it to be I get the money for extra printer back.

I also get it that they have a lot of support tickets but they have had that since January that’s 3 months to train new people and it’s not that they don’t have them after I posted here they got to me really quickly. It’s just a shady practice to deter people from making warranty claims so I hope they fix their attitude toward people that pay a lot for something that works so and so. I also wanted a replacement within the first 30 days which they at first ignored despite them having that in their warrant policy.

In conclusion, they are making promises about the printer and the filaments that they can not fulfill and that annoys me when they play dumb afterward I am just thankful there is a huge 3D printing community helping people they don’t want.

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Depending on what country you are in, they can not send return shipping labels, the customer has to ship on their dime. There was another thread on that in here. They are still growing and working on logistics.

Insofar as the generic profile for PETG, you can adjust it to what ever you want then save it as a different name in the edit filament tab/button.

I am in EU so I am covered under EU consumer protection law they did offer me a shipping label but the box was damaged during the original delivery and I can not reuse it but I must send it back in its original packaging. I have no clue what am I supposed to do. I received a damaged original packaging but I have to send it back in a new one. Besides, I replaced the film on the build plate so I don’t have all the accessories and this is another reason why I can not send it back. I also know that yes first product, a new company but they aren’t even trying to be reasonable but expect us to be.

And thanks for the advice I would love to try every recommendation out asap but yeah it doesn’t look good.
I only tried on the AMS settings on the printer and all I could do is change the filament type it already had all the settings picked so I will look into editing that.


This happened on mine as well after I had to remove the cover to clear a clog. Fortunately it detached from the back part and the printer detected that the cover was removed.

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I just had the same issue myself. After printing the PLA spool that came with the printer switched over to ABS and started printing with the enclosure closed and I think it may have gotten hot enough to soften the glue used on the magnets.

In my case I had the one from the top right come out of the back cover and the one on the top left come loose from the front cover. I’m assuming a high temp silicone/epoxy/glue could be used to affix them back in, but not sure what a good option would be that sticks well to magnets.

I finally got the replacement “mid section”. I’ll update if the glue used is any different.

I lost one of them too :confused: if someone know where I can buy a bunch of them (Aliexpress ?), I will use the rest for some other DIY

Hi, same issue here on P1P, both magnets separated from the front cover and it fell while printing. The toolhead error was not triggered so it kept printing for a short while, the cover got dragged all around and finally unplugged. I glued the magnets back in place, plugged the connector and put the cover back, but now the fan does not turn on anymore. Other than that and a few scratches, the cover seems fine, I filed a support ticked and I am now waiting for an answer.

What was everybody else experience with support ? I am hoping they replace at least the fan, or the whole front cover, but I am also worried that some subtle damage could have happened in the short time when the cover was dragged all around at bambu speed.

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Hi all,

Just to add to this thread.

I also just started printing high temp plastic, in this case ABS.

Found the cover thrown off on both occassions, the second being much worse because I was not in the room to tend to it in time. A little damage here and there, two of the top magnets had been released from the front cover, causing the wire to throw the cover around during the print. The printer did not pause the job which was concerning.

As a result, yes I am surprised that Bambu have not tested the adhesive out for long duration exposure to high temperatures.

Logged it with Bambu, hope to get a response soon.

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Yep… It happened again. This time, I’m just going to take the mid cover off, clean as much of the original glue off, and use something worth a damn.