4 filament sensors died in 1 day on 4 differents printers

Hello Everyone,

I have 1xP1P, 1xP1S and 4xX1C all with AMS. I print 24/7 PETG from Aurapol (Same base material as Prusament).

Yesterday I had 4 different AMS units with a faulty filament sensor (when you remove the spool, the AMS stay white). I had 1 filament sensor dying few months ago and I changed it without issue, but 4 in the same day on 4 different AMS (All Printer/AMS have been baught in few weeks appart so it should not be a batch problem)… Pretty strange.
I tried to blow air in the hole, and poke arround with some filament but no luck, I will replace them.

Can this come from a bad filament quality ?


Could be from filament yes, however it is likely due more to the tension on the extruder being to high. The sensor is just a hall sensor which is a microswitch with is subjected to clogging, gumming and the like.