A lot of stolen designs are being uploaded

Let me start by saying I like makersworld and I am a big fan of it.

However, I see loads of stolen designs, advertisements (6 coasters on picture, only 1 is included; you can buy the others at my… in the discription), and I worry that Makersworld will get a bad reputation very fast if this continues.

For me as a user it is annoying to see a nice picture, open the profile to find something els and/or see after a fast search that the design is not from this person and/or is already on Makersworld 4 other times by diffrent “creators”

Please do something about this.


I try to find the original files, instead of from people that claim that they created something that they haven’t. Often it’s difficult to find out who owns what though. I keep away from the so called ‘FAST’ prints. Same as people uploading tons of things as new when only a small thing has changed.

Hope that Bambu will do something with those fake uploaders, because I can see this place going under in no time if they don’t do anything about it.


If they break these rules:


Report them


The “I am uploading this as a remix without actually changing a single thing” problem is getting worse.

Shares were almost better than users just lying about remixes.


i have seen people calling it a remix by resizing the original model. The remix thing really need to stop. People are taking others effort making a unnecessary or completely useless change and calling it a remix and making points off that. Slapping a logo on it seems hardly significant and purposeful to the design too.

The entire thing is blatant throughout MW.

A remix should be significant and fixing flaws or making enhancement off the original model to help people have a better experience with the design.

Designers spend hours days making that design and all people did was make some tiny insignificant useless changes and TADA! earn points for those.

2024-01-12 02_37_35-FaithCD _ Published - MakerWorld

@Tanklet thoughts?


I have only been on the platform for about three months, but it definitely seems to be getting worse. For every designer putting in effort working to make and upload an original design, there is some kid ripping and reposting three more. Point system is getting absolutely abused and Makerworld does not even seem to be doing much to stop it yet.


Is there not a way to put a logo or name inside the design wall when created in Cad or any of the other design packages that can only be visible in the GCODE when one runs a preview slice through the file. If one created a bottom layer made up of 4 layers (.8mm) on layer 2 embed your name or logo. This will make it vey difficult for a copy cat to make designers property their own, With this one would have absolute proof that you designed the item to prove ones case should definite proof be required.

Something like this bottom layer .02mm and 0.01mm text embedded into the layer. Anything built on top of this will hide the text but if you run through the layers in the slicer the text will still be there.


there are a ton of copyright infringement and useless remix rn and it only seems forever increasing.

I agree with your points.
Minor changes, such as scaling, cutting, colorizing, fixing non-manifold facets, etc. are not considered as remixing.

Designers and users may report this kind of models and we will handle them.


kinda curious what kinda laws will protect these? and another thing worries me little too i see lot of brands & trademark items also reproducted and that’s fine? i know this is not point of this thread but never know if not asking ;).

tried… didn’t work. still running free out there ROFL.

Remixes should earn zero points. And it will be fixed instantly.


Yes great idea! People should work for their points not freeload off someone else.


report them and the models

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A remix is taking an original deign and making small cosmetic changes to suite your own requirement. Should the person remixing the file want to upload and share the file he should only be able to re-load it to the original creators profile. All acknowledgment for the design must go to the original designer.


I disagree with this statement. If Remixes are performed using the conventional rules from established websites like Printables, the original designer would not be harmed, but will benefit from the remix.

When you post a remix, you are posting only the modified part of the original print. For everything else you provide the link to the original print, thus redirecting the traffic to the original designer.

I personally do not want people who are remixing my models publishing them on my original model page. It will completely confuse the users.

Let’s not re-invent the wheel but apply the long-established conventions in the 3D Printing world.


why are stolen designs a problem? like i get if someone was trying to sell their design for money and someone else post it for free but otherwise how is that a problem

Besides the points of the license that might be different (and suddenly your print is for sale on Etsy because of some idiot who re-uploaded your stuff, selecting FREE FOR ALL), it adds no value at all.

I have to scroll through stuff I just looked at from a different angle to find what I am looking for, and the points and credits go to the copycat instead of the creator.

In my opinion, instantly block the right to upload things automatically and add a manual or human review after you break the rules. The only way to keep this place clean and have a reputation that is worth something.


So if someone comes to your house and steals all your stuff your good with it as long as they give it away for free and dont make any money off it?


i do not know what he means