A1 Mini Timelapse Location

Where does the A1 Mini store the timelapse? I looked on the micro-SD that was in the machine but it is blank.

Thank you in advance.


Did you enable timelapse or video record ?
There is a folder name cam with the timelapse files.

Thank you. I did find the timelapse files on the micro SD card.

It took forever to load, but they were there.


The Timelapse and live view on X1 have been helpful!

I have been trying to see what gets recorded from my prints on A1 mini, hoping it’s better quality than the very choppy “live view”.

Did you have to remove and read the SD card in a computer or can you access the Timelapse from the mobile or desktop apps like with the X1?

Many thanks!

I found that you can access the time lapse by connecting the printer using FTP. It is tricky to setup the first time but, once you figure it out, it is easier than pulling out the sd-card. I wish it were accessible from the UI though. Apparently this is not an option for the A1 series (at least not yet).

Is there a post you can share on how to use FTP? I tried looking in the wiki but didnt see

Check out We can now connect to FTP on the P1 and A1 Series.

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Thank you, reviewing now!

I posted instructions on the Timelapse location. Hopefully this is helpful! https://www.reddit.com/r/BambuLab/s/v2XqXsZDwE

The upcoming firmware update should make the whole process of retrieving time-lapse videos a lot more enjoyable. Also, your time-lapse should look way better. Stay tuned!