A1 Recall - Refund but no voucher code (yet) [UK]

I applied for the refund for the Bambu A1 combo with plans to use the voucher and refunded money to either get a P1S or an X1C. I still have not decided.

But I’ve got to say the lack of or unclear communication is kind of putting me off.

4th Feb I applied for refund
7th Feb I get the return label.
8th Feb printer posted back
9th Feb At midday printer returned to Bambu Lab UK - no confirmation of being received from Bambu.
17th Feb I get confirmation printer is returned and refunded

The direct quote is "After confirming with the local warehouse that the package has been received and inspected, we have processed the refund to you immediately.

Discount vouchers will be issued to you later, so please be patient and we will try to speed this up".

When is later? later today? later this weekend? later next week? It would be good to have a time frame. I want to replace the printer now.

Does the company actually want my money?

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hi not sure where but I saw someone brought a new printer and then asked Bambu about it and they would instead give them the 80 dollars as a store voucher instead to buy filament etc, my printer arrived in the UK warehouse on the 9th and I still have had no conformation from bambu themselves.

The repayment can take between 3 to 7 days and the voucher/discount will also come during this period

My refund was basically processed instantly and booked back, but I am also still waiting on the voucher - I was ready to buy the P1S or the A1 Mini. But now I wondern when we will get the voucher.

I’m the same, I dont understand the process. If you’ve processed the refund and emailed the customer, why cant generate the voucher code and email the customer.

There is some process improvement that can be achieved here.

I know this isnt a big thing in the grand scheme of things, but I’d like to be able to place order for replacement and get that delivered. I know that takes 3-4 days from placing order, so sooner can get the voucher the better.

I have the refund. From that email I can see the refund processed on my account. From the faq etc I expected the voucher at same time as the refund.
As the refund is processed, when does the voucher arrive. Remember this is just code that BL have to run to generate the voucher code and then email.
I dont know why this is not one of the steps during the refund process before contacting the customer.

Jesus, i am alteady waiting for almost 2 weeks to get a stupid return label. And now I understand this is just the beginning of a long journey? Come on, how customer unfriendly can a company act?

I really hope a better company will bring out competitive printers soon. This is so ridiculous


For us waiting for vouchers in the uk do you think we will get a half decent exchange rate, something like £65 or do you think it will be more likely £50, on a positive it could be £80 :grinning:

It’s £74, did you not get the initial recall email with the 2 options?

Return for £74, or keep it and replace the bed yourself when parts are available plus £111.

Mines been in their warehouse since Monday 12th. No acknowledgement, refund or voucher yet.

Yes i just double checked and my callback email was still in dollars so thanks for letting me know, im quite happy with £74, ive also returned mine and they have had it since the 7th so hoping to hear something this week

I’ve similar timeline but still no acknowledgement from BL that the printer arrived with them. Not sure why but i shipped mine back on 2nd and it showed as signed for on 9th. I chased on 17th and not heard anything today yet. Its annoyingly inconsistent how the manage this.

This just a thought but did you check the store to see if its there ?
some sites auto add vouchers for specific items that way

Nothing on my account. Oh except as the printer has been refunded the 6 month filament membership has also been expired.

Did you goto checkout for the purchase ?

Yes and no discount applied. Does have a space to enter a discount code though

The reason for asking and being a little pedantic for the benefit of others

I bought an A1 mini yesterday, no codes or discounts auto applied.
I couldn’t wait any longer for the code as I needed the printer 2 weeks ago, hopefully Bambu will refund the £74 since I’ve now bought a printer, or maybe expand the code for use on any products.

From a purely personal point of view , i would of waited for the discount to be applied / issued . As for applying it after the event, well, id assume thats would be at the discretion of Bambu lab and its partner companies .

yeah I’m aware it’s a risk. Some people who have already purchased printers were told by support the $80/£74 code could be changed to be valid on all items. Also, yesterday there was a 10% discount code for the A1 mini so I got £40 knocked off, so I’ll only “lose” £34 if they aren’t willing to budge on the code T&Cs. I’m happy to take the gamble for £34 as I get the printer tomorrow and I have a feeling a lot of items will instantly sell out the moment vouchers are released.