A1 Recall ……

Is the A1 recall only affect a certain date?

Its all of them. Im guessing there is a problem they cant narrow down to individual batches.

So all Printers are affected and not only the ones with dent cables?


They say not to use the printer, but thats up to you. You can chose to return or get the new bed.

thinking bed option sounds good to me. still the best printer I’ve owned so far. sorry Bambu is having this issue.


You will also get a voucher of either $80 or $120 depending on the option you pick.

i don’t have the packaging anymore for my A1, because I was happy with it, but this issue with the risks of fire have me startled and strongly considering a full refund…
Without the packaging though, I guess I have no real option besides waiting for the heatbed and voucher.

There is no reason to doubt their claim that less than half of 1% of printers are affected. If your cable looks fine, it likely is.


In a recall situation I consider Bambu has to provide everything to make that happen, including a new box. Currently, they are certainly are very busy to handle everything. Every region will have slightly different ideas how a recall needs handling. Hopefully, they will sort this out soon.

When packing my printer for sending it back, I only then recognized that my cable was already damaged.
That is a very thin cable for 230V even if it was not bending and be in motion frequently. Also how this cable is simply soldered to the motherboard I find quite concerning (if that is the same cable).

It’s not soldered. They use spade connectors.

They have said they will provide packaging in replies to this question.

Why? Plenty of higher current devices have soldered mains cables.

The Cable is not soldered to the MB, they are using connectors.
Here is a Video how to change the heatbed.

The A1 Recall blog post doesn’t say if they’re going to pick up return shipping cost on that return. Probably going to cost a lot more than $80 to ship that big heavy box.

A representative on the Bambulab subreddit said they would, but I guess we will see what happens when they start sending out instructions.

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I got the QR code on screen, scanned it but didnt get linked to anything???
How do I get the QR code back up on screen?

It is there recall and they are legally obliged to cover all costs involving the return including the return postage and provide packaging if you have not kept yours (some people cannot keep large boxes due to where they live and short on space etc). Either way it will be at their cost if you decide on the full refund route.

I’m still yet to even receive an email about the recall. Haven’t heard any information on it to be exact just through the social media stuff. Nothing from bambu labs. So I’m not even sure how I would have the option to return it.

open a support ticket, you’ll see information there.

Well, never mind they sent an update to the printer and Told me that way I guess. Oh well I guess it was fun while it lasted PS bambu I need a box to send it back thank you.