A1 tries to start print with nozzle cooled off

I have 50 P1Ss and this is my first A1 so maybe I am missing something with how it does it’s starting GCODE but something is not right

It goes through its startup, does the vibration test, probes the bed in 5 spots (corners and middle), it then sends the nozzle to the front and heats up and runs the two Load Lines across the front.
At the end of the second Load Line the nozzle stops and it cools down to 140C then it does the 35 point mesh level.
As soon as the mesh level is done with the nozzle still at 140C it starts to print the file and at the same time slowly heats up the nozzle to the specified temp.
So for the first 15 seconds of the print or so nothing is being extruded.
I have tried reslicing multiple times and I have the newest version of Bambu Studio that has support for the A1

Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. First layer is usually too high also, killing the print and restarting will sometimes fix it. Really a pain since it takes like 10 minutes before the thing actually starts printing.

Were you able to resolve this? I have the exact same problem with my new A1.

All the models that came loaded on the SD card print with no problem.

But anything I send to the printer from either the Bambulab mobile app or Bambulab Studio experiences the same issue as you have.

So the 1st layer is consistently ruined.

Replying to myself, I found the issue: the firmware of my A1 was not updated to the latest version so the GCode produced by the slicer was not fully compatible.

After upgrading to the latest firmware, all works as expected.

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Thank you for this. Same issue here and a firmware update also fixed it for me.