ABS Will not Stick to HIPS Support

Hello all,

I am trying to print a large ABS part using HIPS as a support interface and it is not going so well. I am not having good luck getting the ABS to stick to the support. I will attach my support settings. The prints thus far have been at 100mm/s, 270º extruder, and 100º bed. Bambu ABS with Gizmo HIPS.

On other forums, namely Reddit, I found some posts with the same issue suggesting to increase extruder temp, however original posters did not report success.

Hopefully someone can shine light on this issue and help others out as well! I am impartial to HIPS but I would like to print interface layers of ABS smooth.

Your top & bottom z distance should be 0, not .2, thats why its not sticking.

Did you select hips for your support interface material?

Make sure that your bed temp is the same for both materials. I had a print failure because ams faulted while hips was loaded & the bed temp was lower for hips than the asa I was using. The print lost adhesion to the bed before I could get to the printer to fix the problem.

Thank you s.3, I found the 0.2m as a suggestion on another post. I am trying a test print with no gap and closer to the bed. Unfortunately, I am low on ABS right now and will not be able to try the large problematic print until later this week.

Yes HIPS was my support interface material, and yes bed temps were both set to 100ºC.