Actions taken against spamming of low-quality models on MakerWorld

Hi MakerWorld Community,​

We have noticed many comments in the forum regarding model spamming in the New Uploads section. Your feedback is invaluable, and in response, we are implementing measures to address this concern. We will assign moderators to monitor the New Uploads section closely, and they will enforce the following rules rigorously:​

  • If an upload lacks images showcasing the actual printed model, it will be taken down from our website.​

  • Repeated violators of our community guideline will be at risk of having their models removed and their accounts banned.​

  • If a user’s recent upload activities are flagged as spam by our system, their uploads will be removed, and their accounts will be suspended.​

We are implementing these measures to ensure that high-quality designs are not overshadowed by subpar models on our New Upload pages. ​

Your feedback is highly valued, and we welcome all constructive suggestions aimed at enhancing the user experience on our platform. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, as they will assist us in improving the platform for everyone.


I hope this will finally be enforced in general. Accounts with 20+ copyright violations [successful reports] still roaming around is not good.


Hi few questions

Is this also affecting also older models uploaded system earlier? seeing people still uploading models without actual print image only. they only missing now profiles. are these future instant delete whole? not just profile?
also noticed also few old accounts they violate these rules but these models are not taken down? what reason of this?

Are there any future warning system? sure there is people dont read these rules maybe system can notify they going lose their account if they continue violate system rules?

How this spam system works? kinda curious is there timelimit or what? how this can be detected? sure people need more informed of this.

Thankyou for your time!

nothing has changed yet, goto “new” and 90% of new models have no real print pictures and just rendered images.

this guy with around 5k downloads probably has gotten mutlpiple X1C from gift cards yet hes never printed anything. not one model. just renders. i reported it and report denied.


i guess its hard to tell for their ai if its render or if its actually 3d printed… i see same so i guess a lot of people do see the same and just feel like doing the same as they think its aloud

At least he only has 40 or so models, unlike others that have hundreds of spammy models.

I think it would be best if BL would stop to give points / rewards / filaments or what ever for uploads.
This would eliminate the reason for spamming and fraud.
I belief most seriouse uploader would still upload.
The count of uploads would reduce, but the quality would improve. It is no fun scanning the model pages of makerworld for hours and just seeing garbage.


You can start with these 3 accounts and the multiple ones that are feeding them.

You’ll notice that they are all low effort uploads and/or stolen uploads poorly photoshopped that have countless downloads for what they are in a short time. Then you’ll notice that on some there are several other accounts with profiles that all give their download points to the main account with countless downloads on them.

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Thanks for pointing them out, we will take a close look.


The procedure will take a couple of days to be fully intact, we kindly ask for some patience, thanks.


Just noticing new Spamming. User who has been here for a while uploads junk or copied work. He then is having several users submit print profiles within minutes of upload. Then they are making fake accounts, (no real user name, just system generated names) and downloading multiple times. Points scamming.
One I noticed
and multiple fake users. user_1927343213 | Published - MakerWorld

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Now I see pretty flagrant uploads that stand out like a sore thumb. Examples: Dubmehard, Ri0m0. & MaxTee. These examples have quite literally hundreds of uploads with computer generated rendered images (Photo Shopped), but yet BLab has not caught on to it as of 02/13/2024. One guy uses the same background in 100’s of “pictures” and yet the “photo” never loses the camera angle. Just amazing “photography” it might seem.

I guess the question is does BLab use an algorithm to check uploads or is manual or do they look the other way with prolific uploaders? How hard is it to double/triple up user accounts and do the point farm “thing” as other forum topics have addressed? Seems to me as to be more trouble than it would be worth.


Requiring images of the printed model is a mistake. Prominent creators like Wekster don’t upload print images of all of their models, will you take down their models too? The more time people spend modeling the less likely they are going to want to print out every single model they make.

You need to stop the reason people are spamming, the Makerworld points. Require people too get verified to collect or redeem points so if they get banned they cant make more accounts.

You could also limit uploads per day or per week based on account lvl or average model ratings.

A lot of the spam is from stolen models or accounts that are completely full of sharable models from other sites and they will just use the same pictures. Or would you guys be looking close enough to tell if its a real print or a render with a 3d print texture?

Another suggestion would be to exclude hueforge and extruded svgs from the front page or all category.

I like Makerworld but I wont print out everything I create. I don’t have the space for it and its a waste print something out just for a picture. If I can only share some of my models here I might end up going back to one of the other repositories, so people can see all of my work in one place. Please find a way to reduce the spam without making it worst for real creators to use the website.


I see a valid reason for seeing a real printed image, many others disagree. I think its a pretty poor excuse that you want to spend time “modelling” and kind of disrespecting the “Makers” who take the time and materials to present a tangible Model so people can see how it will turn out.

I see examples that aren’t printed by the maker and those perfectly rounded overhangs just are not going to happen no matter how much support and tuning is done. Its sad that you have to hide this behind a rendered image to get the “sale”.


We thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

Regarding requesting actual printed images, our main goal is to ensure that the designs uploaded to MakerWorld can be printed reliably. As a result, we feel that it’s the responsibility of the designers to test print their designs before sharing them, in order to reassure printablility of their models. Nevertheless, there are situations where we are open to being flexible, and we are willing to address these case by case.

For example, if there are numerous successful printed images in the comments section, along with predominantly positive reviews from our users confirming the design’s printability, this model is less likely to be removed even if an actual printed picture is not provided. This is why we strongly encourage users to share their prints, whether successful or not, at all times.

We are open to discussing various scenarios, so please feel free to share your thoughts. We value input from all members of our community and encourage everyone to contribute their perspectives. Hearing from diverse viewpoints will help us effectively manage our community and ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of all users.

Thank you


I think flexibility will be very difficult to maintain, and will always lead to calls of favoritism. (“Why did my render-only model get removed when X’s didn’t?! That’s not fair!” We see a lot of that in the forum already.)

How would a model get successful print images if it has been removed for not providing an image? It seems difficult to apply consistently, which is what a lot of the users here seem to be after. Some models seem to be allowed to exist with just renders, while some get removed for not having pics, and that is a confusing status to navigate.

My personal opinion is that models should be fine to render-only, or a slicer preview, but profiles should always require a real image, but I would trade that preference away for a consistently applied rule.


I don’t see why favouritism towards any Maker should happen, simple fact is someone who has ACTUALLY printed the model can upload their Profile. The issue I have is the fraudulent box tick, the language is pretty plain and ignoring it because “I’m too busy modelling” is wrong.

None printed all rendered, still going strong. Even all profiles are pure rendered, reported but not taken down.
If you look closer to some recent so called “printed”, looks like rendered with 3D printed textured, but not real printout. You all can judge.

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As makerworld said before “For example, if there are numerous successful printed images in the comments section, along with predominantly positive reviews from our users confirming the design’s printability, this model is less likely to be removed even if an actual printed picture is not provided. This is why we strongly encourage users to share their prints, whether successful or not, at all times.”

i’ve printed all of my design but I still prefer to post the render images as a lot of designers had done before me, here an example SabreDynamics | Published - MakerWorld

As someone said before if the design is succesful i don’t understand why you are blaming them for spamming, The Wekster example fit perfectly.

Under my posts you can see hundreds of succesful prints, and this render hunt mania is taking you to say that also my photos of 3D prints are “renders with 3D printed texture”. I’m speechless


guess i’ll have to be quick to download his designs because they really are cool lol