Add folder support to SD card

I have a large number of gcode files (80-100) that I print regularly. A singe list makes it very time consuming to find the one I want. Please add folder support to the P1P to help users organize their files.


YES PLEASE! The Prusa has this and now that I’m switching to bambu labs, I want it here too.


Yes. This is such a basic ask. This needs to be implemented asap, it’s very hard to navigate gcodes on the card.


Yes plz das Folder Support


Yes please! It’s so hard to navigate gcodes on the SD card when you have a lot of different files stored.


+1 for this feature. The overall support for printing recurring print jobs is generally not very good so far.

I come from a prusa / octoprint setup where I automatically distribute the print files to the print farm over via SYCTHING.

The P1P is great but there are hurdles to take if you want to use it as a print farm printer

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Not just the P1P but the X1 too.

I have an ETSY store specialising in 3D prints, and rooting around on the SD card for the file I want is a PITA. I’ve just swapped from Prusa where all the files on my USB stick were neatly organised.

The printer needs to display subfolders, and Bambu Studio should be able to export to/arrange subfolders on the SD card.

In every other way I’m finding the machine superior to the Prusa, but these “quality of life” features can make all the difference.


Come on guys , the folder structure should be a basic feature. I have loads of files and on my SD card is a total mess. Please make this possible ASAP . We just need folders and subfolders.

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I am using X1 Carbon with AMS.

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+1 Here I have 4 X1Cs that I use for work. I would love to set up 3 of them for on demand prints for the MFG floor.
This is a much needed feature.

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+1 for this feature. I have a print farm of 40 prusas and this is one thing that’s holding me back from converting

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+1 for the folder support

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1+ for the X1C folder support
5 printers here

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Waiting for this to buy another 12. It’s becoming hard to print with 9 and so many files

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People have some patients. They don’t have a ton of people ok. 300 employees the last word.

They can only do so much ok they are only a year old they will get it give them time.

And as for not having folders it is t that bad.
Ok name the part then guess what when you go to print it what that the part name that you named it.

Not difficult. And the SD card can only hold so much anyways so make folders in your computer and dump all the files in there under folders so all you have to do is select it and send to printer to print. And name the printer if you have multiple do you know what printer to send it to

Any updates on this ?

Tumbleweed. Meanwhile, my SD card is looking a bit of a shambles, and manually scrolling through the files to fine the right one is a bit irritating :frowning:

Hello, has there been any movement on this? It’s very frustrating to have neatly organized folders on the SD card not respected by the machine’s UI. We’re honestly have no choice but to consider having multiple SD’s per machine, each of which representing what would have been a folder.

Alongside this lapse in capability is the ability to start a print off the SD card remotely - this would make the current short comings much more manageable. The less I need to use the P1P’s onboard display, the better.

I came from working with Creality machines and thought this was a standard feature across the industry.
Im baffled!
How does Bambu not have this ability yet?
I have multiple files that are the same except use different materials. I now have to spell out any differences between the files through the file name in order to get the correct one. Wheras before, i would simple go into the proper folder…
This is a MUST-HAVE feature.


+1 this is a huge feature that is needed. The printer is far faster that file search/processing.