After seeing the A1 release a few wishlist items for the P Series

• Automated Extrusion Flow Calibration
• A1 Touch Screen
• Motor Noise Compensation
• Quick Swap Nozzles
• Silicone wiper brush

I know these were developed for the A Series but it would be great to see these items eventually flow up to the P Series if at all possible.

Anything else I’m missing that you all thought would be cool?

  • Heated enclosure
  • Time remaining for print, including time remaining to programmed pauses.
  • More detailed UI, including errors in plain language and step-by-step repair instructions.

As I have seen the screen come up quite a few times now, especially as it is apparently cheaper than the P1’s screen:

The screen will not come to the P1. You would have to replace the AP main board of the printer, for it to work with the P1. You would need a more powerful SoC with integrated display controllers, so either you have to use the X1’s AP main board, tho then the connector from the A1’s screen will not work, or have to design a custom new main board, just to upgrade the P1’s screen.

And this is, if it would even be possible from a mechanical point of view. You would have to also manage to fit this with the existing mounting holes. So the flexible PCB that is used as an FFC connector, would also not work, so you’d likely need another PCB that would adapt the screen, and the missing SD Card, to a flexible cable to make it work.

At that point, this upgrade would be several hundreds of Euros / Dollars, so are you really willing to pay for that? How many of these upgrades will you sell?

The only thing I can imagine is the Motor Noise Compensation, and with some luck, the Quick Swap Hotend. As the first should be just software (I would assume they are using the accelerometer to measure the sound) and the second one is just a mechanical upgrade, which should be easier to pull off. The rest would require a lot of different components changed, from wiring over new PCB’s to software adaptations.

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A youtuber mentioned that the noise calibration is coming to all the printers.

They didnt say which generation. Id have to watch the chat again but im pretty sure it was worded as coming to the p and x lines, from the CEO.

A wishlist item of mine is setting the actual speed from handy or the screen, on the fly. Instead of 3 presets. Doable with firmware.

Yeah it could just be a play at words but he starts talking about it at 16:00

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