AMS Amnesia

Hi, I have some serious annoying problem, the whole AMS setup always seemed a bit random (sync/resync) but is seemed to work somehow.
Now I have the problem that I can’t change the filament type in the AMS at all… giving the information over the printer itself (besides the fact that there is only limited brands/types) or bambu studio. Seconds later, the AMS has amnesia and has “?” again in the slot… this is really stupid and maby it is a bug.

quick question, which printer series are you using?

quick question, which printer series are you using?


I have had the same problem a couple of times. X1C with multiple AMS units. Actually I think I only saw [as in noticed] it in slot 1 of first AMS unit but it has also happened once with the external spool. I changed it, and it reverted to default after 5-10 seconds. A reboot of printer (but nothing else) always helped. I reckon it’s a firmware issue but I haven’t checked if it’s registered on GitHub. Edit: It is, at Custom filaments revert to ? in the AMS · Issue #3087 · bambulab/BambuStudio · GitHub. Confirmed by Bambu in December.

I do hate reboots because then I have to adjust every single one of 16 AMS slots plus an external spool to their correct calibration profile (except the very few that I saved with their original name, eg. “Bambu PET-CF” as opposed to more specific names such as “Bambu PLA grey”). That last thing is another amnesia bug, I reckon that one might be what they mean with the cryptic “Remaining issues: The custom automatic flow calibration files with custom names can not be saved when powered off.” that ends every firmware update change list.

If you document a bug, it becomes a feature…