AMS blocks filament spool feeding

Dear (hopefully) tech-support,

our ams on our x1c (less than 1 year old) blocks every 10th print the spool while feeding filament for cleaning the nozzle before starting to print.

What happens is, the spool get pulled up into the top cover and if you let the ams do the print will fail, due to the lack of filament.
Sadly this makes totally no sense, as the rollers does not turn at all at that time when the ams pulls the filament towards the buffer and the next feeder as well as the hot-end.

Where does this fail come from?
False ams control?
Why does the system sometimes block the spool and sometimes everything works fine? Settings? Mechanical issue?
Why at all braking the spool rollers when the ams should feed towards the hot-end?

Some programmed funtions makes totally no sense to me …

Sorry to say Tech support doesnt read these forums, you will have to make a support ticket.

What did I thought of BambuLab … tech support worst on earth … also when I am writing them directly.

keep writing and reminding them several times every day, if possible, as it appears these guys have the shortest memory span on Earth…as from the many posts on this topic alone, I doubt they remember what they’ve answered 30 seconds prior to the same customer for the same problem…