AMS cannot feed filament past AMS Hub Unit

I currently have a 34 hour print of a figure with 6 colors. When the AMS feeds the filament to the extruder it always stops. He makes it to just after the hub unit in the AMS (you can see the filament at the back) and then suddenly all the lamps on the feeder units stop lighting and somehow restart. I can’t find anything about it on the internet. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

There is no filament stuck anywhere.

Video of the Problem:

The problem occurs with all spool holders. No matter what brand

I’ve already written a support ticket but from what I’ve heard so far it may take some time. That’s why I wanted to try it here in parallel. I would like to thank you in advance for all the helpful comments!

Okay, apparently this must be a problem with the first stage feeder? When I load filament on the slot, all the LEDs in the other slots always go off and then turn on again one after the other. If I fill another slot with filament, this doesn’t happen. How is that possible?

I’ve no idea about the ams, but it sounds/looks like the motor drives the filament, then comes up against a jam of some sort. It then draws extra current, which either drains the power to the leds, or software detects it and does a reset. There’s obviousl;y gearing in the drive system, I’d take it apart and have a look.

Hey thanks for your answer. I already took it apart and cant find any jam. The other slots or stage feeder are working fine. For me it seems like a short circuit in the stage feeder, but no idea 100%

I just bought my P1S today after returning my A1, I must say I am already preferring the A1 AMS Light compared to this, I have a similar problem upon setup, that the spool feeds in and out about 3 times then attempts to feed further and just wears a grove into the filament before retracting again, and again and again rinse and repeat.

I had a similar issues once but not all lights on the AMS were flashing like yours.
A roll that wasn’t used for a while refused to go all the way to the extruder.
Sometimes it made it to the inside of the printer at other times not even out of the AMS.
Checked all tubes checked the gears and other things in those tiny motor boxes but could not find anything wrong.
I used a spare length of ABS and it went through all the tubes just fine.
Put all back together and voila! The filament still got stuck randomly and never made it to the extruder.

Long story short:
The filament was pushed back and forth many times and it was quite rough.
I cut that entire part off.
Upon checking it closer I found a spot of about 2cm in length were the filament looked bulged, not really round…
Don’t know if this was the initial cause of the problem or the result of being mangled so many times but with all the rough cut off it went through again.
It failed again toward the end of the roll where it started snapping off …

I recently encounter transport issues again.
No obvious causes, filament looking fine.
One of the teflon tubes in the AMS was worn out but only is one areas lengthwise, causing a lot of friction if the filament ended up in this ‘slot’.
Only found out after trying to push some cotton through to check if any debris is stuck inside - it got notably harder to push in this damaged area.
Wasn’t visible by trying to look through it…