AMS fails to load filament

I have some similar topics to my issue but nothing exactly like it. My AMS fails to load all filaments, with the following error: “Failed to extrude the filament. Please check if the extruder is clogged. After troubleshooting click the retry button [0700 8007 113229]”. However, I can load and print from a non-AMS spool with no issues. I have also confirmed that the filament makes it all the way to the extruder when loading. It just seems to fail to latch somehow. It basically hits the extruder and almost immediately backs out.

Anyone have similar problem, or better yet anyone find a solution?


I am having the same issue.

Try cut the filament end on 45* before loading in the AMS and try again
Check if the PTFE tube is installed well and relatively good angle to the extruder the path inside may be not well organized
If that does not work there are some prints for Bambu to solve this
I personally have not experienced this issue, but seen somewhere people complaining and printing the improved part like:

I have a support ticket open and have sent over a bunch of video and logs to them. I will let you know what the result is.

If it were me, I would open the extruder and look for a small piece of filament jammed into the knurled wheels. Or next to them. Ive seen where it would still work with the external spool because of less force needed vs coming all the way from the ams. And feeding by hand, you may just be applying enough force to push past it. How do the prints look when printed from the external spool?

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I got same problem and it drive me nut. Let me know if you got answer from bambu

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As @StreetSports says, I’d take the extruder apart. It’s not that difficult after you watch the video on the wiki. Check that the black knurled wheels are clean. I had a heat-creep induced clog and there was some soft filament rest in parts of these wheels. Used a needle to pry them out.

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Mine was a faulty AMS Buffer. Bambu Tech support was great I had to perform some actions and ship over logs a couple of times, but they diagnosed the issue and sent me a new buffer.

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what do you mean by AMS Buffer please ? is it this part
or this one :

Neither. Filament Buffer | Bambu Lab Global


I have the same problem. Also got A support ticket and they sent me A new buffer as well. But it didn’t solve the problem for me.