AMS filament detection not working

Occasionally RFID filament detection fails to identify the Bambu Labs filament. Re-inserting the filament and clicking the refresh button in Bambu Studio also does not fix the issue. I find that doing a hard restart with the power switch in the back does the trick and things work properly after that. It seems like others are experiencing a similar issue.

Is there anything I can provide to troubleshoot the issue which seems to be a bug in the AMS?


I’ve had it happen a few times also. Seems like a power reset is the only way to get it to identify properly when that happens.

Which is a bug. @BambuLab anything we can do to help eliminate this bug? It is annoying especially given this requires a hard reset and there is no way to reboot remotely.

Happening with a new Bambu Lab Red ASA for me. Practically the first time I’ve used a Bambu Lab spool in the unit since I bought it…and then it doesn’t save me one bit of time or effort. There’s little incentive to buy their branded filaments if the RFID stuff doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, this seems to be still an issue. Just bought a P1S with AMS. After working corectly for the first few prints, I also encounter this behaviour. No reliable detection of Bambu filament. This is really annoying, because there is no advantage using/buying Bambu filament. Hopefully this will be solved soon.


Same problem, first spool i used it worked than nothing since…guess i should start using other companies filament if i am not going to get a benefit…