AMS first stage feeder issue

Hello everyone. I’m trying to investigate an issue with one of the first stages feeders in my bambu AMS. There is no broken filament or any other abnormality in it’s channel. The feeder module looks ok, i.e. I don’t see any contamination inside and it looks like it detects when I insert filament.

Here is the video:

Any idea what could it be?

Thank you!

You might want to read this thread.

And a wiki that might explain your possible problems

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Thank you for the advice, but I already checked all the recent AMS related threads on this forum, but I wasn’t able to find exactly the same symptoms. Regarding the topic you recommended - I don’t have permanent solid red and there is no false filament detection if no filament is inserted. Also, i can manually load filament and push it it all the way to AMS output PTFE, i.e. there is no broken piece inside.