AMS Slot 4 - Red Solid Light

So as the title says, slot 4 on one of my AMS units is solid red. It apparently thinks that there is filament loaded between itself and the AMS Hub

I have broken down this unit, cleaned it out, replaced the first stage feeder with a brand new spare I have for justInCase and internal PTFE tubes, swapped in a brand new AMS Hub

I’ve opened a ticket, but have little expectation of a quick response, so here I am … anyone have any ideas on what else this can be? At this point I believe that I’ve tried everything I can think of and is in the Wiki so fingers crossed

Support did contact me this evening and I took apart cleaned dusted and reinstalled the internal AMS hub … plugged it all back together … and…

Yep… no love red led slot 4

I’m having somewhat the same issue but it tells me I have a broken piece of PLA.
I have taken appart the darn AMS twice and checked everywhere and can’t find a cintilla of filament. I’m at my witts atm. Now that it’s been a few days and I’m calmed down I’m going to try again

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Oh I’ve broken it down … cleaned the internal hub, external hub, replaced all the PTFE and even replaced the stage 1 feeder … no love yet

Sending logs when I get home tonight to see what they come up with

I had to disassemble the AMS completely because a piece of PLA filament was stuck inside. It was a tiny piece (less than an inch) and it was hidden in the AMS Internal Hub Unit, which is a sealed part. I couldn’t see it or feel it, but I finally managed to get it out with a larger piece of filament.
Now the AMS is back to normal.


I actually broke down the internal hub in the AMS with the guides on the wiki (watch those magnets man !!!) and nothing in there… I have been laid up six for a bit so tomorrow night I’ll hook it all back together start it up and collect the logs to send to support … the saga continues :wink:

Maybe it’s just a little piece that is lodged somewhere, could be just a spec like a dust particle blocking a sensor.

Encountering the exact same problem right now… Did you perhaps find a fix?

Same problem here.

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