AMS Internal Hub Unit push fitting broken

The push lock fitting that holds the PTFE tubing is broken and the filiment pushing it out and can not be used anymore. Is there a fix for this or replacement by Bambu or do I need to purchase the whole unit?
See the image with the red circle around the fitting that is broken.
I added an image of the push button inserts and you can see the short one as it does not function and it does not appear to be broken, does anyone know if you can buy these anywere and what they are called?

Not that I am aware of.

You may request it to BL, but be patient.
At your own risk, another option is to model it or try user models(e.g. Printables).

If money isn’t a problem, I advise buying a new one and asking for the push button from BL or to model it. If successful, you will have a spare one for when to be handy.


It is not the button cap itself it is the round part that goes inside the unit. The other ones spring back when pushed in to lock the ptfe tube but the to one does not lock the tube when inserted.

Have you taken the button out and checked it? Seems a weird one to break, could possibly be a dag of PTFE/filament in there. Also make sure the PTFE is cleanly cut, they do get niggly when they’ve been pulled out a few times.

Grab a set of these cheap and snip the black ones out PTFE Tube Connector | Bambu Lab Global

I added an image in original post to see the inserts, the short one does not function but does not appear to be broken do you know what this part is called?

It does indeed look broke. No idea the technical name, I’ve searched in different places and can’t see them available to the general public. My first move would be Bambu support, then chase the link I posted before and grab one out of there (quicker).

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search on amazon for ‘ptfe tube connector’. You’ll get a thousand of 'em, but probably none will be what you want. However it should be possible to adapt one to fit.

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Sorry, I misinterpreted.

The pneumatic connector is replaceable.
The instructions on how to:

However, I couldn’t find it in the BL store, but I’m sure you can get an invoice if you ask for it.
If you need an alternative, I found similar ones in Ali.


This turns out is the replacement, there are instructions on wiki to remove the fittings to use elsewhere on the printer/AMS. Thank you.


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