AMS is down for the count…

I got my X1 Carbon a couple of weeks ago and it has been flawless until this morning. Essentially, I got an error that the print head had jammed. I cancelled the print, cleared the jam, and setup to re-print. The AMS has been unable to feed the printer ever since. Essentially, the filaments make it past the first stage and then get stuck towards the back of the AMS just before exiting and heading off to the printer.

If I bypass the AMS and the run the printer from a spool on the back, everything is fine.

Thus far, I’ve checked every PTFE tube and ensured every passage is clear. I’ve also followed your wiki directions by removing the AMS from its case and checking the first stage and the tubes as well. All Good. Every jam happens right after the PTFE tube in the AMS enters the rear section of the AMS (the part with the little motor and some sort of a spring setup). If I force some filament through this section while pressing down on the spring contraption, I can get filament through the passage. However, the AMS just can’t seem to do it on its own.

I’ve heard it’s impossible to get a response to your Bambu support ticket. I’ve filed one. Am I screwed or?

I’ve only had a few fail to feed issues. One being broken filament and the others seemed to be for no reason. I printed this and it seemed to fix the feeding problems.

Mine won’t load filament at all anymore no matter the circumstances. It gets stuck in this thing every time:

Here’s a video of what it does:

Again, all filament from every bay gets stuck right BEFORE it leaves the AMS. Filament does not get to the buffer.

There are 4 magnetic filament sensors inside the hub. It’s possible that one got tweaked and is registering the presence of filament when there isn’t any.
Here is the main AMS trouble shooting page and here is the page for disassembling it.
There are some tiny parts in there. If this is your first go at things like this, I suggest taking it apart on a plain white not too fluffy towel. Parts don’t roll away and they are easier to find than on a dark colored surface. Even a paper towel will work.


I’m pretty comfortable doing that, but I don’t want to do it on a 2 week old printer and give Bambu the opportunity to say that I somehow broke the warranty agreement. So, I’m sitting here waiting days for their tech support to respond to my ticket.

My money is on a bit of filament stuck in the lower end of the AMS. The strip-down is a “maintenance” type of action and won’t void warranty.

I’m fairly sure, it’s stuck somewhere in here:

It’s certainly not stuck in any of the PTFE tubes inside the AMS. I’ve clear all of em…

The flip side of that hub is a panel where the drive wheels are located (motor). Often this is a pinch point for the stray bit of filament. Its only 4x screws and the wiki should assist you. If there’s nothing there, I’d go to splitting the hub entirely as the magnets also cause issue as others have mentioned.

I understand not wanting to take something apart that is that new. I’ve not had to use the ticket process but get the impression they will have you take it apart as part of the trouble shooting process so waiting till they do so makes sense.

Going on five days and no reply… I think I have 4 days left before I can reverse the credit card charge. I really don’t wanna do that as I love the printer - just frustrated I can’t get much help.

Still no reply from support. Here’s my latest update:

Atomic Industry
2024-02-28 17:40:32
I found your wiki article explaining how to disassemble and clean the AMS hub. So, I did that… there was filament dust inside and the gears themselves look worn, but I cleaned it up and put it back together. Afterwards, I tried running the AMS again. This time, the filament made it out of the AMS and about 6” down the tube exiting the AMS. Then, the noises started, the filament stopped, and the error occurred again.

I’ve attached pictures of what I found in the hub as well as a picture illustrating where the filament stopped.

This AMS is bad. I’m done troubleshooting.

Still nothing from support. Incredibly disappointing.

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