AMS Issue/Weird Noise

I have just received my AMS for my P1S and I have tried a few prints out and it seems either to overload the AMS motor or not feed properly, and from what I can figure out it is chewing up the filament and it does it to all 4 slots. Before you start to call me a idiot I have tried with Plastic spools, adapters and electrical tape instead of just the cardboard spool. They all have that same awful sound was curious if it’s normal or something wrong.

See linked Video for noise,


Any advice or help is appreciated.

Take it apart and check manually to where the filament goes.
Where it stops you will find the problem.

Can be a teflon hose out, can be a push connector not having the tube all the way, can be something actually blocking things.
If you want to get a quick guesstimation try to load filament again and mark it where it stops - gives you the length to where the problem is.

Hey @Justin1
First I have to say, that the video didn’t help me a lot.

But when you write that the filament is chewing up, then I would try the following (that is how I do it).
Because it happens with all 4 AMS slots, then the problem is likely between the AMS and the printer located. (What i want to say, that the problem is on the way from the AMS to the printer head.)
When you take a dark filament, you can see it through the PTFE tubes. So you can visually follow it until the place where it stops. You can also do the quick guesstimation @user_3026326371 succested. So you know, how far the filament moves.
Then you can check, what is wrong at this place. E.g. the tube is not connected properly, there is some filament stuck in the tube etc.

The video was more so for the noise, and I have a Image of the Filament being chewed up, I will have to try that following it down the tube. It seems to print fine, just a strange noise.