AMS LEDs do not light up

All 4 LEDs in my AMS do not light up anymore.
AMS is still working properly!
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Did they all go out at the same time? Other than suggesting to reseat the data cable(s). There is also a connection inside the AMS.

I’ve never heard of this problem, sounds like a good ticket for support. :smiling_face:


As the AMS works properly, i think it must be the connection inside AMS. I will try to place a ticket. Do you know where this can be done? ( i am new to Bambu and an absolut beginner …)

Ticket made a few minutes ago!

I personally have n3ver opened up my AMS for troubleshooting. But SUPPORT will probably ask you to go over this wiki looking for a bad connection.

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Thank you for the tip!
As i am a. Retired electronic engineer, i will open the AMS and check the inner connections and voltages used for the LEDs.

Hi Rene-Jost, did you found out a reason or got help from the support in your case?
I have an more or less similar problem as you discribed.
In my case, the LEDs from Slot 1 and 2 are not working anymore, the AMS but is printing still from both slots…
Did the internal clable check you made helped in any case?
Thanks Joe

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Hi Joe.
After Checking all connections, the AMS worked well but just for one day. Then the LEDs started flickering and after a few hours, the AMS was dead. I then replaced the AMS Mainboard with the one I already received from Bambu Lab Support. Since then, everything works without problems.
Hope you can solve your problem soon!
Best regards Rene


Hi Barryg41
I forgot to inform you sorry!
I checked all connections, also inside the AMS. Then it worked well for one day. Then all Leds started flickering and a few hours later, the AMS was dead.
I replaced the AMS Mainboard with the one I got from Bambu Lab Support in the meantime. Since then the AMS is working well!
Thanks for your help and best regards

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Same here - LEDs in 1,2,4 slots are off forever after firmware update , slot 3 is ok, and AMS itself working properly.

Opened support ticket and got standard answer “downgrade firmware”, while it is impossible to do, because “no content yet” in “previous versions”.

Thanks, Bambu, extremely helpful. :frowning:

Are you using something like this in your AMS?

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Sorry No!
Why do you ask?

Some users have used this model and it broke the solder joint on the led. The light stops but the AMS continues to work.

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Mine did this but sadly was accompanied by a melting plastic smell, currently waiting on support for a response