AMS LEDs do not light up

All 4 LEDs in my AMS do not light up anymore.
AMS is still working properly!
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Did they all go out at the same time? Other than suggesting to reseat the data cable(s). There is also a connection inside the AMS.

I’ve never heard of this problem, sounds like a good ticket for support. :smiling_face:


As the AMS works properly, i think it must be the connection inside AMS. I will try to place a ticket. Do you know where this can be done? ( i am new to Bambu and an absolut beginner …)

Ticket made a few minutes ago!

I personally have n3ver opened up my AMS for troubleshooting. But SUPPORT will probably ask you to go over this wiki looking for a bad connection.

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Thank you for the tip!
As i am a. Retired electronic engineer, i will open the AMS and check the inner connections and voltages used for the LEDs.