AMS lite RFID issues

Only one spool identified by rfid. Just ordered a whole bunch of bamboo spools in preparation for my A1 mini as well as my carbon X1 but the A1 mini is only detecting one spool on position number one. Has anyone ran into this yet?

When this print is done I’m going to throw the other spools into my X1 AMS to see if they will read or possibly throw a couple of other bamboo spools on the three that are not reading. I just set it up manually for the time being to get through this print.

Have you clicked on the others, 2, 3, & 4…??

Yes, It simply tells me the filament on That’s spool is not identified and proceeds to give me profiles to choose from. I did notice they added a few more profiles over the X1 so that’s going to cool. I just manually set it up for right now when I finished the print. I’ll troubleshoot it later. Just curious if anybody else has ran into it. The only real annoying thing with it so far is the inaccuracy of its poop flinging.

I only have 1 roll of Bambu (Marble), I tried it earlier today & it saw it after about 10 seconds.