AMS slot 3 not retracting filament, spool gets stuck

Hi All,

I’ve just installed my new X1C with AMS, everything looks fine, until the AMS tries to unload filament.

For some reason, the spool spins faster than the AMS rectracts the filament, so it gets stuk, just like the spool hangs itself.

printer gives me a 0700 8003 error afterwards.

any sugestions how to fix this ?

What brand of filament are you using?

Tried with several brands, Eryone (plastic spool), Prusament, bambu, looks like the filament gets stuck in the AMS.

Remove any Y-splitters if you are using those?
There should be no sharp bends in the ptfe tube.

I dont use them,
checked all the tubes at the back of the printer, there are no jams, can move the filament freely

Did you try another spool of filament?

I had a problem too with slot 3. After opening the AMS internal hub I found a piece of plastic not belonging there. Be very careful when you open the internal hub. There are springs and magnets and they will jump out if you are not careful enough. But start openening the AMS and carefully inspect the filament path.

Nah, printer is one day old :slight_smile: I don’t want to open it already :slight_smile:

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Problems on slot 3?

This is something completely new :crazy_face: May start the video at 241 seconds and may try the CF trick
by 3D Musketeers, may it will work…

I don’t get it, did he just printed with CF, and the issue disappeared ?

When I heard that (2 month ago), I assumed that he had simply printed a few CF parts and that his AMS get back to work… Please note that the AMS is not intended by Bambulab for CF materials from other manufacturers. Cannot handle all of Bambulab’s own CF materials. CF can cause harm to a Bambulabs AMS. CF will grind some parts since is carbon, carbon the things were diamonds are mede out…

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Any luck with this issue? I have a problem only with slot number 3.
I can load any spools into slots 1,2 and 4. They spin and load without issue. Slot three sounds like its grinding gears unless I apply pressure on the grey feeder hole (pushing it slightly toward the spool) it will run fine.

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Funny I came across this. I am looking for answers about this. I am having problems with #3 too. No grinding sounds. just keeps getting stuck.

Any fix to this?

I have the same Problem with Slot 3! It works good when the printer need the filament, but when it runs back to the AMS, the spool doesn´t roll fast enough. So i have filament all over the AMS and not on the Spool! Sorry for my english, it isn´t good and i hope you understand me.
My first opinion was, that the AMS Driven Support Shaft doesn´t work good. I change it, but the problem is still there.

Have you any other idea??? Thanks for your help!!!

I have the same problem occurring in mine, on slot 3 only. It is that common that Bambu Lab really needs to investigate why this occurs. All the hardware is the same between all slots, so for it to occur in slot 3 only, I feel it has to be a firmware or circuit issue.