AneoPsy, the fastest man alive

On Makerworld there is this user who is called AneoPsy. He is a well known copycat from the past. (See User Spamming 'Fast Profile' is using Fake/Photoshopped Images - #70 by cruse2382)

But since then he has remade himself to be the fastest man alive on the internet.

ALL of his profiles are the fastest on Makerworld. See pictures on his print profiles.

If you look into it, his profiles are often not fast at all. This is very misleading! Actually I have had Makerworld remove his profiles from my models on more than one occasion for not being fast at all!

This is breaking Makerworld community guidelines (again) and I want to know what Makerworld is going to do to get this user to behave like a normal person.


Did you actually manage to get them taken down for not being fast? May have to try that on mine


I reported them as being misleading. Claiming they are faster than mine while in reality being slower. Misleading or scamming is against comunity guidelines.

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He just released a new model.

He claims it takes 10 minutes to print.

In reality it takes 24 minutes and 8 seconds to print.
AneoPsy Scam 138

Again misleading and again breaking comunity guidelines.

When will this user be held acountable for his wrongdoing?

Which is for his 0.25mm Profile that takes 16 Minutes. ~10 Minutes Print and ~6 Minutes Calibration

He quickly added that aparently. That wasn’t there before.
It was relesed 23 minutes ago. So at the time I made my post it wasn’t there.

Maybe he is reading the forum also.

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He is or was. You’d know if you pissed him off because he started to make print profiles for your models.

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How do you think I know about him…

But so far he hasn’t gained even one single point from my models and I intend to keep it that way.

Coming back to your question in the other thread.

He received 22! successful print profile takedowns just from me. All because he stole other peoples work as a straight upload or when he started to photoshop them. I would’ve been more if he didn’t take them all private and revamped all his profiles.

So if stealing a minimum of 22 times isn’t enough to get expelled from the site, then i don’t know.

I would like to know how many more successful reports he got from other users.


Yes I agree… Makerworld should handle this better!

he must have had at least another 20 from me as well

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Well, with the Bambulab logo on it and the way it’s laid out, it looks like he works for Bambulab and is just optimising the models to give users a better printing experience. So it looks like at least this rocket model comes from Bambulab.

Good point. Yet another way he misleads people.

I have one model now on which he has a print profile that gets him close to making points. It is a model I actually “won” the Kitchen contest with.

If he gets close to a rating of 4 stars I will delete the whole thing. I don’t care, he gets nothing from me!

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I have already realised that I have created a significantly faster profile than he has. But it is printable and the quality is better than slower profiles.

Would you like me to add an “ULTRA FAST” profile to the same model, Chris? :wink:

Sure, why not! Anything to take the wind out of his sails is apreciated. I might even recommend it.


Given how bad the print looked (using his profile), did you also report his profile?

No, visuals are not a reason to remove a profile.
Profiles get removed when they go against comunity guidelines.

To be very honest i dont even know why is he still not banned for doing all these.

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A lot of people don’t understand that.

Makerworld doesn’t care aparently.

Maybe he is the son of the boss or something. Looks like he gets special protection.

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