Annoying purge line

My P1S has this problem where the nozzle does drop the stuck filament onto the purge line but ends up picking it up again while heading backward. Also at the start of the purge line there is this slightly bigger blob that the nozzle will get stuck on while starting the actual print. Now every time I have to babysit my printer and watch the first layer and everything. It is not failing but it is annoying to me that even a good printer needs me watching the first layer.

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Sounds like your filament needs calibration. Have you done so? Also, what filament brand are you using. If your using one of the pre-baked filament profiles, don’t trust them. Verify the calibration for yourself and then see how far apart the pre-baked settings were versus what you actually measured yourself. It may surprise you.

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having same issue i cleaned that spot where line ends and it seems to stick a little better, seems like this started about 2 firmwares ago

If you say “I don’t have the time,” you’ll face two issues. First, others will be less willing to help since you’re unwilling to do basic troubleshooting. Remember, you asked fellow 3D printing enthusiasts, not Bambu employees. We’re busy too, and Bambu does not read these forums. Second, you’ll have to accept random results from just slapping on a spool and hoping for the best. How’s that working out for you? 3D printing isn’t yet as simple as plugging in an ink cartridge and expecting it to work.


I’ve found that time and material spent calibrating filament has always proved to be less than the time and material spent on failed prints.

System presets for Bambu and generic filaments are sometimes acceptable. Calibrated filament presets have always been at least a little bit better.

It’s just the way it is.


Okay. I got it. Now I’m using TPU 95A and observing some problems on the purge line as mentioned before. Now I just find TPU really sticky. Are hardened steel nozzles Bambu sells non-stick?

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I have not had good results with Hardened Steel nozzles and TPU 95A. The problems are particularly noticeable when using HF TPU.

When I swapped back to the Stainless steel nozzle, everything was perfect.

In case my experience reflects on yours, do you have a stainless steel nozzle you can try to see if the situation is improved? 0.4mm or larger.

0.2mm hot-ends do not mix well with TPU.

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I use 0.4 stainless steel and I use Tinmorry TPU 95A.

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These were printed in Tinmorry TPU 95 (not high flow) using a 0.4 stainless steel hot-end.

I have not experienced what you have described. I always use the Generic TPU profile without any changes.

Have you run the calibration option for the printer? It takes a while, but, it might level the playing field, so to speak.