Bad finish since day 1

Since day 1 I have a very bad finish with any filaments/settings

What I have tried so far:

  • used multiple different PLA filament brands straight out of the packaging (Bambu, Sunlu, eSun, Polymaker, Geeetech, 3D Jake)
  • manual flow calibration for each filament (K varies here from 0.020 up to 0.045)
  • reset P1P and Bambu Studio to factory settings (also tried soft fever)
  • resonance calibration multiple times
  • retensioned the belts
  • checked for a lose printer head (which seems not to be the case)
  • cleaned the Rods like described in WIKI
  • mounted the table on which the printer stands to the wall so it does not move at all

I also contacted Bambu Support but the only answer I got so far was to calibrate the K value, which I already did multiple times.

Help please, this is getting very frustrating.

Which firmeware?
the new one?
you are not the first with problems.

Started with 01.01.01 got worse with the latest firmware.

Get SoftFever and try with classic wall generator and option precise wall enabled. This improved the walls a lot for me.

I apreciate your help but in my initial posting I already said that I also tried with Soft Fever.

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oh sorry, I missed you wrote that you tested with classic walls and precise walls…

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I know this may come across as rudimentary but I must ask about some basic settings before moving forward

Infill type and percentage
Line width
Wall count
Print temp

Also are you 100% positive that the correct nozzle size is selected in the slicer ?

I use the stock profiles, started with 0.20 down to 0.12mm
I selected the 0.4 nozzle.
Line with should be at 0.42 (also stock settings)
Wallcount 2-3
Acceleration is stock (480 I guess)
Print temp is 220/65

I have been working in the machine world for over 25 years. I had G-code in my studies. Professionally, I work with large CNC machines.

Never change a running system.

That’s why I haven’t done a firmware update on my P1P yet.
The reactions to the current firmware update have kept me from doing so.

I have been using my printer for a few days. So far without any problems.

If a firmware runs at least 1 month without problems, I install it…

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But thats the problem. It did that even before I updated the firmware, now it just got worse. Did that since the day I received it, never had a print that looked close to be ok.

Then you should claim your purchased product.

Quite officially.

The printer should print out of the box.

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.2mm layer hight with the .4 nozzle is a great starting point

Personally line width .45 except for supports at .42

Nozzle temp at 220 should be fine, bed temp is better at 55° with pla on the textured build plate

Try dropping your outer wall speed in half and increase accelerations by about +10% of the default values

Infill for a nice finish on the outer walls is lines at 10% , I’ve found grid can cause artifacts

I would keep your pressure advance at .02 and your flow ratio at .98 for the time being making sure that the pressure advance box is selected

Thats a good starting point and a quick test is a 20m calibration cube

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thanks for your input, will try that tomorrow but I really lost hope that it will get better.
Supports last answer to me has almost been a week ago, not hoping for a fix there, too.

Most likely it will be either a refund or a replacement, i am afraid.

A replacement is the best solution, just not the quickest

Technically it should run fine out of the box with very minor tweeking to improve print quality

I’m currently in the field so my suggestions are just off the top of my head

When I get home tonight and wash the refrigerant out of my beard I’ll take a look at Bambu Studio for something else that may be overlooked

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If you have a spare hotend, try it, you seems to have tested nearly everything possible.

This print is pretty hugly.It should not be like that out of the box even with zero tuning.

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That’s what I did 2 days ago. Did not make any difference at all.
Forgot to mention that.

And did you try to put it in a washing machine ? sorry out of ideas :wink:

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Please let us know, what Bambu Lab tells you about that issue here. Ive got my Bambu last week and i have Ghosting on CalibrationCubes and the same problem like you.

If this goes on, ill find myself refunding the printer.

Will keep you updated here, thanks for the help for now

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I had another thought with what may be causing this

Make sure both your part cooling fan and the heatsink fan on the extruder are indeed working

The part cooling fan should be able to be turned on through your controller on the front, I’m just not familiar with the P1P interface as I run an X1C but it should be somewhere in there

As for the heatsink fan it should come on immediately when you heat up the nozzle, for that just pull the front cover off your extruder assy (I carefully hang mine over the carbon rod to the left when facing the extruder) and heat up the hot end to say 220°

If the fan does not come on with the hotend heating up then we’ve got another issue but nothing major other than prints that look like a dogs breakfast

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