Bambu Handy Bug Reporting Thread

We are committed to delivering the best user experience trough our Bambu Handy mobile app, and we appreciate all the help we can get from you in reporting bugs that might be missed from our trusty development and QA team.

This thread is dedicated to bug reporting, so if you want to help, please share a single post in this thread following this example template:

Problem: Bambu Handy live-view is not working
Bambu Handy Version: 1.0.5
Platform: iOS
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Bambu Handy
  2. Start the live-view.
  3. Notice that the live-view does not start

Screenshot: uploaded a screenshot of the section where the problem occurs.
Other information: iOS 16, iPhone 13 Pro Max

It is very important to share as much information as possible when posting a bug report. It will greatly help our development team in finding out the root cause of the problem and apply the necessary patches/improvements quickly.

Besides that, every user that reports bugs will be granted the “Bug Reporter” badge!

Thank you for your help!

IOS Version 1.06 Bambu Handy

The app continues to be unable to view any recorded time-lapse videos, giving the error messages on the attached screenshots.

Occasionally (very occasionally), the videos will show after power cycling the printer or on a card that might have been recently formatted.

This occurs whether or not the IOS device is on a shared local network or remote. I’ve also tried this on two different iPhones and an iPad, all with the same errors.

with my iPhone (13 mini) it works and Android well.
maybe it is the firmware? I use the beta firmware

Last night I power-cycled the printer and after that, I could see a selection of videos. However, after clicking on anyone showed percentages loading all the way to 100% but then the video never loaded.

This morning it’s back to the error messages I originally posted.

Problem: Bambu Handy live-view never works with P1P
Bambu Handy version: 1.0.6
Platform: Android 13 (Pixel 5, Galaxy Tab S7 FE)
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Bambu Handy
2. Start the live-view
3. Live view never loads, only receive an error message “connect failed”

Problem: Bambu Handy will not let me choose a printer when reprinting from my history.
Bambu Handy version: current version as of 12/20/22
Platform: current version as of 12/20/22
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Bambu Handy
  2. Go to History
  3. Choose a job to reprint
  4. The app chooses one of my Bambu printers but doesn’t let me change the selection.

Same issue. Bambu Handy says “Connect Failed” and Bambu Studio says “Missing LAN ip of printer”. It’s on the same network and I can ping the printer, but neither app can connect. Netgear Orbi mesh router setup, Mac mini running Bambu Studio and iPhone 14 running Bambu Handy.

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I still can’t get the camera to load in Handy, I just get connect failed message and nothing else. I opened a ticket weeks ago and Bambu just ignores me. Very disappointing!

Problem: Bambu Handy Notifications Not Working (Android)
Bambu Handy Version: 1.0.11
Platform: Android
Steps to reproduce:

I’m receiving notifications of all kind as expected on my iOS device(s) but never on my Android device. All notification permissions are enabled.

Screenshot: N/A
Other information: Android 13, I’ve seen a lack of muti-device notifications reported elsewhere but never mentioning the condition on Android only when it and iOS are being used in concert.

Problem: Wrong printer name on notification alert
Bambu Handy Version: 1.0.11
Platform: iOS
Steps to reproduce:

When I get a notification about a print being finished, in the alert that appears in iOS, the printer name is incorrect (it is not the current name but a previous one I set, or the default name the printer came with).

Screenshot: uploaded a screenshot of the section where the problem occurs.
Other information: iOS 16, iPhone 14 Pro Max

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