Bambu Lab 1 Year Anniversary!

Uhm, so what about the users who have purchased several things from Bambu, but did not know of the subscribe button on the front page? Are we out of luck? I got my printer back in september, but have not received a code for filament, and have no idea if I am subscribed… Also when trying to subscribe today, the email never shows up.

within the last week, I purchased an x1c and a p1p. I never received an email with the discount codes for the ams though. How can I get in on this?

I just received a reply from Bambu service support saying I’d get an in-store voucher of the value of the difference between the current price for me of the printer I bought and the price I paid for. Overall great news and very satisfied

how did you get a reply already?

I’d love to tell you how but I don’t know either? I opened my ticket on the 26th though

Can you use ams with Armor enclosure on p1p? Thx!

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You get sorted as you still have a 14 cooling off period to return it. Its easier for them to send a code

Yeah that makes a lot of sense, either way I’m sure people in the same situation will have a similar experience

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I am also waiting for a response regarding the refund. My X1C arrived 6 days prior to the sale…

So no code in my email for my P1P preorder purchase in Nov 2022 :slightly_frowning_face:

In The UK the X1CC has been reduced from £1439 down to £1319

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Same… Anyone in the US receive their P1P Gratitude code? I know others haven’t.

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Indeed, the day after my X1C arrived…

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err… why offering “Gratitude Filament Bundle” containing only the most incompatible filaments? You know, those CF filaments are harmful to a stock P1P. I feel like I do not deserve any gratitude, or that you’re attempting to sabotage me :stuck_out_tongue: Why not offer a basic PLA roll?

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I’m still waiting too. Purchased 12/18/2022. I get emails from support and community updates, so I don’t know what is going on. Trying to wait patiently.

Nope. Not yet. Of course, it is only one day late right now.

Same here I bought mine way back in November and was getting updates from the store but I guess didn’t sign up for their OTHER newsletter. ??

Is there a specific place to sign up for their newsletters?

Found one on their blog page, top right, but not sure if it’s for these updates.

Bambu Lab Blog

Hi, I didn’t get the code either, I bought it 2 months ago
what should I do?

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