Bambu Lab Studios for IPad

Is there any plans in the future to add Bambu Studios to IPad? It’s so much easier for me to edit and fix models then send it to print with my iPad than with my laptop. I think a lot of people would find it more convenient.


Are you saying you want Bambu Slicer for the iPad?

I’d be happy with just a native Bambu Handy for the iPad.

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I would love a Bambu Studio “lite” for mobile. Most of the time I am not doing any heavy object manipulation in the slicer. I just want to load the model, select the right profiles, tweak some easy settings like infill, and send the job.


Yes, Bambu Studio for iPad.
Bambu Handy is in the App Store. I don’t understand the native part.


It’s just an iPhone app that also works on the iPad. It’s not a true iPad app.


I desperately want Bambu Studio for iPad so I can color prints using the Apple pencil. Please Bambu Labs the new iPads with M1 chips are plenty powerful enough. I have the 2022 Air with a M1 chip and its begging to run Bambu Studio.


Omg…I spent more than $2k to buy iPad Pro and pencil for it now I find out I’m not able to use it for Bambu studio …are you kidding me


Use Astropad to link your iPad Pro to your PC/Mac and draw away in Bambu Studio. Works great


Hi mate. Thanks for your help . It’s work now .

Hi, I agree with that. New iPad with M1/M2 chips are powerful as laptops and it should be possible to have Bambu studio run on them smoothly. I use shapr3d on my IPad and it will be great to slice directly 3D files without the need of a pc/Mac. It will streamline the 3D printing process so much.


I’d like to add my voice to this as well. As a Shapr3d user, I really wouldn’t need a laptop at all, for any reason.

I’m looking into running a mac mini headless, using it remotely via the iPad, but really, I would much prefer a native iPad slicer.

I’m not convinced Bambu would do this themselves, but anyone looking to fork Bambu Studio into an iOS version would get a lot of gratitude. It’s a shame I don’t think there’s a way to monetise this, because people who want this would gladly pay for it…. but the opensource nature I think makes this a challenge.


Have to disagree. I hear this a lot, but it comes from people who just don’t have the plasticity to embrace a different paradigm. Are there limitations? Of course. But there are limitations of desktop OSs which are overcome by iOS also.

That discussion isn’t especially relevant to putting a slicer on iOS though. Nothing about iOS holds back anyone trying to use slicer software on there. Some of you naysayers should really take a close look at Shapr3D. If you can do that on an iPad, there’s really very little you can’t do on there.

Mostly the issue is that people don’t like the way it multitasks, or they don’t like they way you transfer files. The issue isn’t that you can’t do it. They just reject something that’s not exactly like it is on a desktop.


I’m new here, but I’ve already seen enough of your posts to know you’re the kind of self-important poser who thinks he’s smarter than he actually is. I figure since we’re just saying what we think of each other, you won’t mind if I reciprocate.

I never sought conversation with you in the first place, mate. You replied to me. Next time you feel like announcing that you don’t want to talk to someone — just don’t talk to them, and save both of us some trouble.

As for being a “fan boy” — that’s an accusation without meaning. I’m voicing my support for iPad software, because yes, I like using my iPad for stuff.

Your inability to come to grips with iOS isn’t really my problem. Nobody really cares whether you like iOS or not.

Let’s hope the summer breeze is the last gust of hot air from your general direction, that I have to endure.

Edit: Ahh yes… he deletes his post like the two-faced coward that he is. I’ll let mine stand, because frankly, I’m absolutely in-the-right.

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I deleted my post because you are correct.

I’ll take your word on the iPad and iOS as again, I probably don’t know how to use it and certainly am unfamiliar with it’s coding.

I’d hope someone with your training, education, and ability would write a slicer for iOS. How hard could that be? You did point out that its easy to do. Heck, I’d love a proper slicer on the iPad.

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How hard could that be? You did point out that its easy to do.

Did I? — Where exactly?

Heck, I’d love a proper slicer on the iPad.

There you go. That’s all you had to say.

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Now now, you kids settle down or I’ll have to separate you, don’t make me send you both to the principals office!

I would also like to put in my vote for a native iPad slicer. I will look in to how hard it would be to fork Orca Slicer and build it for iPad, check back here in a couple days for a status update.

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There’s a LOT of complicated math/algebra in a slicer, not exactly what I’d call “light reading” and certainly not for amateurs

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There’s a LOT of complicated math/algebra in a slicer

He knows. He was being sarcastic.

With that said, if it can be compiled for a Mac, it can be ported to iOS with a reasonable amount of effort. Certainly lots of crossover between Bambu’s target market, and Apple users.

I never said it was easy though.

don’t make me send you both to the principals office!

Let’s not blame the target of the bullying (me) just because I wasn’t successfully bullied, and chose to leave my comments up for transparency. This isn’t a great way to deal with children either. People should be free to defend themselves from unwarranted and baseless character attacks.

With that said, I didn’t come here to fight with anyone. I just came to say I really would love an iPad slicer, and if any company out there wants to appeal to the “It just works” market — it’s Bambu — so I’m pleading :slight_smile:

Please and thank you.

Just trying to keep this thread alive. Bambu studio for iPad would be great.

I may try and take a crack at a port of the Mac version, latest dev environment makes it pretty easy for the core. The UI will take a lot of work.


Still no studios for iPad pro??? Such a shame