Bambu Lab Studios for IPad

I wish they would make a version for android tablets.


Didn’t you know? - if you eat apples, all tablets are iPads…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think for an out of the box printer like the X1C, an iOS slicer is mandatory. Apple fanboys are lazy and want smooth workflows. For this reason I work mostly with Shapr3D, because Shapr3D runs on the iPad.

I have license for SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion360 and Shapr3D. SolidWorks and Inventor are powerful but running only under Windows, Fusion 360 is only a pain -.-

For real mobile workflows, please introduce Bambu Lab Studio for iPad :slight_smile:


By the way this opens the door for an additional business case. Some $ from the AppStore + maybe some additional fees like cloud storage for CAD and Printer projects and so on

It’s not always a case of being lazy, I am disabled and my printer in under the stairs in the hallway, if I need to fix something I have to keep moving between my main livingroom and hallway, whereas if I could slice and alter things on my iPad or Android tablet I could do most this in situ beside the printer

It looks like Bambu Handy is iPad native now.

Besides what everyone else has said, things like the ease of use, going straight from Shapr3d on the iPad to an iPad version of Studio, etc., I think there is a real new advantage to consider. With this new announcement of “Colorful 3D Printing for everyone,” that will bring a lot of new users to Bambu Studio. More users, more feedback, more ideas, better software.
In that same way, considering that, as far as I can see, Pikaslice is the ONLY iOS/iPadOS slicer. Shouldn’t Bambu lead the way and port Studio over? And I know more and more people who don’t even own a computer anymore because iPads have gotten so much better. Let’s not leave them out of this Brave New Bambu World!


Pleas do and if you’re open to posting it as open source that would be amazing!

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This is why Im on the thread. Same situation. Shapr3d is perfect on IPad Pro. Would love Bambu studio.


Another vote for a native iPad (Pro) Bambu Studio app with Apple Pencil support.

Why not making this idea a kickstarter project ?
I would definitely participate.


This same from me

Another vote for a native iPad (Pro) Bambu Studio app with Apple Pencil support.

It will help me a lot.

I paint on my iPad. Use easy canvas. Use a usb cord. There’s a YouTube video.

I wonder if the developers for orcaslicer would be interested in making something like this…

are there any news on this?

i love working on my pc but i also would love doint everythign over the ipad…
i use alot of nomad sculpt and shapr… its basically zbrush and fusion on ur ipad…
suck i always have to send the files to icloud or onedrive first to get them to the printer…

I’m pretty sure they can’t be bothered with an android version much less an ipad version. This thread is really old. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Still hoping that Bambu Studio will one day native iPad Pro app will be a thing.
That would make my portable setup complete

This is another request for Studio for the IPad. While much of the discussion has been centered around the need for someone to port or write a slicer for the iPad in order to make it work, is that truly necessary? The Handy app calls the cloud slicer when needed so it would seem some hybrid solution could make a lighter version feasible. Please, Bambu, please try. Both my wife and I are fluent with PC’s, but once my wife started heavily using her iPad, she has become extremely touchy about having to revert back from the freedom of a touch screen to using a mouse.


I don’t have an ipad, but I was considering buying one for using the slicer on the go and more mobile around the house, it would probably convince me to buy an ipad haha. I’m glad I searched first, but I totally assumed an ipad with the same specs as a laptop would have already had this.

iPad IOS studio, would be great making the ecosystem even more versatile….I work a lot with wood/Fiberglass in the shop, the printer sit in a other room in the basement, but my MacBook is upstairs in the office….it would be so practical since I have a iPad in the shop….