Bambu Studio Lagging

Hello I’m wondering if anyone else as noticed Bambu studio lag? For me it gets worse and worse as I go with slicing. It gets to the point to where it is absolutely un workable. I run Bambu Studio of a gaming laptop with great specs. If I run Orca it sliced way better but I feel more comfortable with BS to be honest.
I’ve had a few people say that it lags because it’s web based so I’ve tried running BS without wifi and i still get the same issue. I’m just asking if anyone has had the same issue and if there is a fix. Thanks

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This isn’t true.

There has been memory leakage reported. It’s weird as people with high end systems seems to have more issues with this than people who are running much lower end hardware. The only time I start to see lag on my lowest end laptop (8gb ram) is when I have a 15+ plate file open.


If I have 15+ items on a plate is when I have issues. I topically don’t have more than a few plates. I’ll have to research memory leakage and see if this is what I’m having. Thanks for your response.