Bambu Studio almost unusable, memory leak?

As you can tell from the screenshot, ive got a huge memory usage going on. Ive already tried reinstalling and deleting the hidden folders in explorer, but the problem remains. Its almost impossible to use the program with a larger project (2 plates with copies for example). Do you have the same issues? Its gotten progressively worse over the last months. I also have a theory that it might be caused when the printer is actually printer and it keeps a live connection in the device tab. Any ideas?


I’m not seeing that on Windows 10, fully patched, on my MSI laptop with 32GB RAM

Screenshot taken during a print.

Memory use will be a function of the complexity of your model. It might not produce acceptable results, but try using the “simplify” function to reduce the polygon count and see how that affects the memory being used…


What I’ve noticed is BS causes issues if I leave it open for a long time. More than a couple of hours. Has happened when starting a print and going and doing something else w/o shutting down studio. It’s acting like memory usage gradually increases over time.

Slows the whole system down, and some programs will not even open until BS is shutdown, but the slowdown is still there. This is in a 64GB 5900X system with a 4070. Have to do a shutdown and start rather than a restart to fix.

It’s doing something the longer it stays open, something that looks like a memory leak. Will leave it open and track memory usage over time, both with and without a print running.


No i have not issues like that :man_shrugging:

Not having this issue, I leave my Bambu Studio open for weeks at a time!

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I am having the same issue with BS. Once I open the BS software, everything else on my computer grinds to a halt & I cannot work. I have to wait for the file to send to the printer, then close BS so I can continue working. I have a Threadripper 3960 in a PCIe 4 system with 256GB RAM & NVME SSD in RAID 0. My system is normally FAST… until I open this BS software… I wish I could leave it open & check the time left etc. on the print jobs, instead of having to go over to the printer & check progress. This is without even trying to use the camera…

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I’m starting to think this issue is happening on systems with a lot of RAM in them…

I have 64gigs of ram and I haven’t had any issue like this. I will try opening alot of plates and see if it has any issues.

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I tried logging out of the BS software & then logged back in. So far I am not experiencing that lag anymore with the software running now. It’s been open & I am able to work like normal. Hope this works for other people experiencing the lag also.

I have seen this issue with opening multiple instances of BS on my Win 11 machine. to preview different files… Could you have a hung process without a window? I found that when i mistakenly opened multiple STL files at once, the first several opened up seperate BS instances and then one hung with an out of memory error and I had to reboot to clear it up.

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Just a quick comment. OrcaSlicer doesn’t have this issue on my PC. As for RAM, I have 64GB, so I’m in the larger amount of RAM category.

Same thing here. I thought it was Nord VPN causing my issues but turned out to be BS. It does weird ■■■■ too. The mouse moves weird. Lags any browser that is open. Windows resize themselves. I could go on and on. I close BS and all these things stop immediately. I have reinstalled it several times and it is the same ■■■■ everytime. To be clear, the last time I saw a PC behave this way I was snooping a website in Amarillo that disposes of nuclear warheads in 1999. Black helicopters.

Yes it has a memory leak. I have 64GB and if I let BL Studio run continuously while printing a series of jobs ( as in over a 24hour + period), I’ll go to open another program and get an insufficient memory message. Doesn’t matter which other program I open, so it’s not an issue with BL Studio and another program trying to set up / use a protected area of memory at the same address. It ONLY happens when BL Studio has been on for extended periods of time.

So now, I close it down once the job is sent to the printer and use the app. Forgot to do that last week and guess what, yep, got the insufficient memory message when starting a browser.

I posted on this a while back and most of the replies were about it being something else in my system, not Studio. Then this thread started. I replied earlier , but was hoping the 1.8 releases would fix the issue. Nope, still happening.

I’m so glad I found this thread. I have the same issue with Studio. If I leave it open I get all the symptoms bassboyd mentioned above. I always have it open so didn’t make the connection that the issues were from it until now. I thought my cpu cooler water pump was failing or something lol. Has to be something going on with it.

The logging out & back in was a temporary fix. It has been back, where I can’t work on anything else while BS is open. Again, I have a Threadripper 3960 in a PCIe 4 system with 256GB RAM & NVME SSD in RAID 0. At this point, I’m just going to buy a laptop to run this BS software on while I work on my desktop… Crazy that I have to do this to keep the BS software open while printing if I want to use my computer at the same time. As soon as I close BS, my computer goes back to working normally…

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This is happening to me too. I’m able to fix it by simply closing BS.

I’ve notice it gets worse the longer I keep up the program. And I’ve noticed if I have multiple instance of BS open (like if I’m working on multiple projects. Then it speeds up it by a ton. Like after 3 or 4 BS things open. My computer is about unusable.

This 100% looks like a memory leak.

My setup
CPU: i9-13900K
RAM: 64 GB
GPU: RTX 3080

I have my doubts they will fix this anytime soon. Memory leaks are extremely hard to narrow down. Plus I think most people don’t report it here because again for me and it seems like you, it requires the program to stay open for a long time. I think most do what they need to, send the file, and then close the program. This not giving it enough time to show up.

Personally I’m not too worried about it. Like I would love for them to fix it. But until that happens, I generally don’t have a reason to keep BS open after I start a print. And I started to get in the habit of uploading to the servers my plates and making it private. This letting me start the next plate with my phone if it is a long print.

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I experience the same issue on my mac. It drinks up RAM like its cool-aid.

I run an Intel Core I5 with Iris Xe graphics and 32Gb of memory. Core speed is 2.4Ghz and will ramp to 4.9. All this in a Mini PC package 4"x4"x2" and mounted on the back of my display. It’s running Windows 11 Pro and I typically watch videos or other work while 3D printing. Even when working in Studio, I often bring up websites, documentation, check email and print to a Laser printer.

I’d say something is wrong with your PC if you can’t multitask in this day and age. :sunglasses:

I’m glad you are having no issues, but it’s not an issue with multitasking. It just proves that a typical business PC should be able to run Bambu with no issues. I have an i9-12900K, RTX3080, 64GB Ram, PCIe v4 SSD on a system that rips through everything I throw at it, but Bambu Studio will bring it to it’s knees with stutter and lag. Closing it will sort it out immediately. No indication of high CPU/RAM usage; It’s clearly a bug with a driver, hardware, windows version/update, etc.

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