Bambu Studio Prepare doesn't correctly read filament types from AMS

Repro steps:

  1. Load any non-PLA or PETG filament into the AMS
  2. Set the filament types using the X1-Carbon AMS settings screen
  3. Open Bambu Studio on home network
  4. Check Device tab, see that AMS filament types are set correctly (they are)
  5. Go to Prepare tab, select “Synchronize filament list from AMS”
  6. Generic PLA, Bambu Basic PLA, and Generic PETG are listed correctly. All other filaments I have tried (Flexible PLA, Bambu brand PLA-CF) are listed as “Bambu ABS”
    6a. Restarting Bambu Studio does not resolve the issue
    6b. Selecting Print Plate with a filament listed as Bambu ABS does not allow me to choose the correct filament from the AMS on the “Send print job to” popup
    6c. Setting the filaments by hand on the Prepare tab to match those listed on the AMS settings does not resolve the issue

Result: I am unable to print with any material that is not PLA or PETG

Edit: forgot to include screencaps of the situation

I know this is confusing, so hopefully I can help make some sense out of it. Bambu Studio doesn’t really care what settings are in the AMS. It uses the Filament you have selected on the Prepare screen to generate the G-code to tell your printer how to print using that filament. You should be able to click on the Filament list and scroll down to find the filament type you want to print (out of the list of presets). This is also how you use custom Filament presets that you have created. The preset Filaments you see on the drop down list are controlled by “Set filaments to use” which is accessed by clicking on the little gear icon next to the Synchronize Filament icon.

So I often leave my AMS settings on “Generic PLA” even if I’m going to print PETG (or LW-PLA which is what I’ve been doing a bunch of). In Bambu Studio, I will drop down the list of Filament presets and pick the one I want to use. When you slice the print, it will generate the G-code with the correct filament settings. And when you send the print file to your printer, it will print using this G-code and will totally ignore the AMS setting. Does this help, or am I making it more confusing?

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it is not completly true - if you want to send a sliced file which used the type ‘PLA’ for example and in the AMS slot is ABS selected, Bambu Studio (or also the printer itself) will not let you select that slot for the sliced file. At least the type has to correspond.

If you save a custom filament preset with the type ‘PLA’ and on the AMS select ‘PLA’ as well but in reality using a different filament is another story. Nevertheless, I would be careful to completely ignore the types as there are maybe internal logics that may trigger some behaivors of the printer (if not yet, maybe in future updates).

You are absolutely correct! I just ran a test on my X1C and the base filament type does need to correspond. I clearly haven’t been paying attention when mixing filament types. I typically just pick Generic types in the AMS and then either select a specific preset in Bambu Studio that matches that type or select a preset that I have customized and saved.

Hello, did you happen to fix this? I am currently running into the same issue and opened a support ticket.

CORRECTION: I have figured it out!
I had the 0.2mm nozzle loaded.
If I change to the 0.4mm nozzle, PLA-CF shows up normally again.
I suggest making a better error message for this:
Example: “NOTE: The filament of type $TYPE_HERE in your AMS is not compatible with your nozzle, please change the nozzle or filament type.”

I’m seeing the same problem with PLA-CF.
In the Device tab, it shows up as PLA-CF in the AMS.
But when I sync, I get an error about filament types and it shows up as ABS.
“There are some unknown filaments mapped to generic presets. Please update Bambu Studio or restart Bambu Studio to check if there is an update to system presets.”
I seem to recall not having this problem with this filament last month.

I had to (re?) enable PLA-CF and PLA-Metal in the Filament Selection and PLA-Metal now shows up, but PLA-CF doesn’t.


I think Bambu Studio forgot what PLA-CF is and is now ignoring when it is installed.


I am having the same problem with AMS identifying the position I have filament loaded. After reading all the posts on this subject, I am wondering if there is a real fix for this??? Gary