Bambu Studio - What happened to the project section?

When I started to use BambuStudio, I could edit many details in the project tab.
After the last update, I lost this option and started to use OrcaSlicer only for that purpose. Now is completely down in both slicers.
I can and will reinstall the older version, but I cannot understand why this slicer section was blocked.
Can anyone clarify it? Or is it only my slicer?
Thank you.


I can verify project tab in BS is DOA on last update.
Thanks for OS latest update status.
I kinda need this to work.

Thank you, @uman.
I can check but not edit.
Here are two pictures of my BambuStudo Project section when I start a new and existing project. The options for editing are absent.

I do not need these options for every print, but this section helps plan projects or ones involving multiple prints over time.

So you also do not have access to the editable options? Is DOA = denial of access?

I already uninstalled both software, cleaned up any related folders, and reinstalled them again without success.
And these section options are available if I use the older version.
Such a change does not seem to be a bug, and I cannot find many complaints about it. There must be a good reason to block this great addon.


Same issue for me. I used to be able to add resources to the Project tab (e.g. image, etc) as documented in the Wiki: Project Resources | Bambu Lab Wiki

Since version it’s not possible anymore. Is that a bug or the project resources feature was removed?

I’d like to have this back! This is especially useful for thumbnails.

I also checked other forums, and the issue was related and solved as I did by using the ORCA slicer. Nevertheless, it is good to know that I am not alone as a user that misses this property.
The only reason that comes to my mind for blocking this feature is the metadata saved with the file and the possible lack of security when the 3mf files are shared.
But up to now, I cannot find any explanation for the change, nor many complaints.
For me, this feature was unique, special for a pre-project, when we are developing, procurement of the bill of materials, etc…
I start with the older version, create the project and move to the newer version of the slicer; however, I get alerts because of different versions’ features. This foresees issues in the future, so I hope the feature is available in the upcoming version of BL studio.

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I add the part number, part name and build plate type in the model name and profile name areas. Also the CAD image is added to replace the build plate image.
This information is displayed on the printer touch screen and is useful when printing many different parts by others in the shop.

That’s a good idea to name objects with info. I used to have a plugin in Cura for that purpose.

However, I used the project section for a different purpose. In any project (mine and not only 3D), I use notes to keep tracking records and bills of materials for cost estimation, availability, procurement, etc… depending on the complexity, other info may be required. The project section helped have this info on hand with a 3D model, making it easier to open and update.

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I was wondering this same thing. Thought I was doing something wrong. Needs to be fixed.

Same here. Been that way for a while. Just installed Orca slicer and its the same there too. I don’t understand what the point is in having the tab if its going to remain non functional.

I have an official answer regarding this feature. For those interested: the feature is being reimplemented and will be available in upcoming versions of Bambu Studio.

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Can someone from BBL give an estimate on the fixing date/version?
If you can’t, then simply remove the Tab; it is of NO USE AT ALL at the moment.

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+1 on needing this back. Pretty essential to your workflow.

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No, I cannot estimate a date for the newer version. I didn’t ask either.
That wasn’t my doubt; until I received an official answer, I, and many others, from what I could get from forums discussions, were questioning why the project section wasn’t available anymore. I couldn’t find any info regarding the new BL studio release mentioning changes in the project section or many discussions on the topic. At an early stage, a bug was the most plausible answer. Therefore my doubt is now satisfied, and I just took the time to share the info with others that would benefit from this info.

I am sorry, but I didn’t understand your suggestion. To which “tab” you are referring to?
If you want to know the schedule, I suggest asking directly in GitHub, as the discussion regarding BL studio is way more intense and entails the developers’ participation.

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I mean: just remove the menu-item and the connected page of “project” until it has been repaired.
Now it is a meaningless page . . .
And I agree wtih those who want to use the project data.
Because that is a way of keeping things organized.

September 22nd. Issue still persists. Project tab is completely non-functioning. I remember using it last year for a larger print, attaching images and PDF build instructions, but now totally worthless. @lexvanderloo is right. Just remove it until it’s fixed, right now it’s just a tease.

It is painful, but if it disappears, it may never come back.
Thanks for the reminder. I insisted again with a reminder on GitHub of the missing feature.

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Actually, it does work, just not the way it did before.

If you open a project from MakerWorld in Studio , you will see the related project information and images.

I still don’t see a way to add information for your own project or edit the info from the MakerWorld project, even if I rename the project. I would like to create my own notes, based on my own experience printing the project.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware that the MW files included the metadata organised.

In any case, the issue was not in reading the model metadata in the project section but in the impossibility of creating and editing the project data in Bambu Studio. And it is still not solved. It is still possible to do it manually, but it ruins the advantages of the feature.

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Have there been any changes to this?

I had printed a file from MakerWorld, a while back. Then instead of starting a new project, I just deleted the objects, and started adding my own for a new project.

This is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while, with a bunch of custom settings for each model/plate, and I’d really like to get rid of the project info from MakerWorld.

Is there a file I could edit, or some other workaround?


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