Bambulab A1 mini Axis Y squeek

I can hear a squeek in the axis Y in the middle, its annoying.
I already watched the lubrication videos, I did it just like the video(with the bambulab oil) and the noise continues
I’ve printed 3 times only and the squeak started, I think the noise is from inside D:

I waited 2 month for the printer, What can i do?

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Contact customer support and allow them to take you through any remediating steps

try making sure you don’t have any filament fibers in your y axis, the a1 has sort of the same problem, but much less often as it is fully covered. move each axis separately to make sure it is really the y axis, normally it is the z axis that squeaks and is fairly unidentifiable since it moves so little so often. if it is the z, then lift your printer, underneath the z axis motors are exposed, check for jams or anything that could be the cause of the noise. same with the top and bottom of the lead screw. make sure you lubricate plentifully as well, the more the better. you can always get more lube, less said about printers.

I had the same problem and I found a solution/workaround
The guilty piece (red arrow) is twisted and when it reaches the end of the rail, it collides more than it should. It’s not a solution but it is a workaround: apply grease along the entire blue strip.

Grease, not oil, but be careful dont touch de belt. Only the metal.

If somebody know a trully fix I’ll appreciate.

At least we know where’s the problem.

i had the same issue and unfortunately i had to lubricate the y idler pulley which is located deep inside the printer. basically to reach it you gotta disassemble the whole printer down to the y and z axes group. i am sorry dude

Oil the axes, all of them.

I solve my problem by free the tension of axis Y, in the back of the machine there are two screws and inside you can regulate the tension, in my case it was too much tension, No more squeek :slight_smile: