Broken prints from AMS slot 2 only

Hey dear forum,

I own a P1S with AMS since Christmas - and so far I’m really happy with it. But, since a few weeks I have a reall strange problem with my AMS. Printed from slot 1, 3 and 4 everything works fine. But from slot 2 my prints have extreme flow rate (?) errors.

All connections look good, all " gears" in the AMS are clean and move freely. Ive already disconnected the AMS and checked everything which is easily accessable. Same filament is with same profiles is used in both prints (Extrdr PLA NX2, but same problem with Bambu PLA). The printer/software itself does not output any error messages.

Any ideas how to fix that problem?

It looks like extreme under-extrusion. If it only happens on one of four slots/spools, it sounds like resistance to feeding or not being pushed sufficiently.

  1. Is the PTFE tube worn, and therefore snagging the filament?
  2. If a piece of filament is pushed through each tube by hand, does 2 feel more resistance than the others?
  3. If the PTFE tubes are disconnected, and then the spool Loaded, do they all feed at the same rate and with the same resistance using the same test spool?

Thanks for the quick feedback.

Only printed PLA, tubes look like new. Resistance feels absolutly the same.

Also no “sound” differences when loading slot 1-2-3 or 4.

How do I get to the PTFE tubes that run “under” the spools?
Do I have to unscrew/dismantle everything, or is there a trick?

There are instructions in the Wiki (Bambu Lab Wiki Homepage | Bambu Lab Wiki) for how to disassemble the AMS - it’s not difficult. Just take care not to strip or lose the tiny screws, or pull the wires too hard and damage them or the plugs.

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