Buyers remorse

Support is really bad. They don’t seem to care about their customers. The day I got my P1S it failed in less then an hour. Motor b abdominal error message and the worst noise ever.

Supports like oh well

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It’s hard for me to believe that you opened up a case with them and received a response that said, “Oh well.”.

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There does seem to be more to this story…

Either way the OP is probably still well within the return window and if unhappy that’s the route they should take.


Just like it’s hard to believe I spent about a grand for a P1S combo to have it failed in less than an hour. And have to wait for a new motor then replace the motor. If I wanted to be swapping parts on a printer I would have stayed with the ender series. I bought this cause it’s supposed to work out of box with 15 minute setup and not days or weeks calibrating swapping parts etc.


You drew the short straw with that one. It’s pretty rare for an early life failure and particularly a motor. I would think “buyers remorse” is kind of justified, but you have a choice to either move forward with the knowledge the parts will arrive and a bit of tinkering to get you going again or you take option B and ask them for a return ticket.

I’m sure you did research beforehand and you actually are keen for this printer, I hope this turns around once the parts arrive. The Wiki is pretty comprehensive and replacing parts won’t be a mystery trip, support on this forum is pretty good if you supply enough info.

Hopefully this can be turned around and get you printing :slight_smile:


My first X1c came doa and it took me almost 2 months of back and forth and parts before they would just take it back and swap it. That was in July. Their support has gotten much better since then at troubleshooting problems. The new one worked great. If you don’t want to swap parts on a brand new one don’t, its your right, they have a 14 day return policy. I was bitter but loved my printer once I got one that works. I’m now 5 bambu printers deep and can’t wait for them to announce their next printer. Good luck and hope its up and running soon.

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Quickest fix if to get a warranty return label and buy another today. You got a lemon. It happens. 2 of my 5 P1Ps has over 2500 hours. Their good printers just that there support gets overwhelmed with newbs.


If I had the extra funds I would go this route but unfortunately I don’t right now.

^^^This. You didn’t buy the printer so you could fix it straight out of the box. Send it back and either order another one or don’t, but it’s not your job to do their QC. It’s the same advice for anything, not just this. If I got a washing machine that didn’t work when it arrived, I’d send it back, not become a washing machine repairman…unless I wanted to. And it’s pretty clear you don’t want to.

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The most common issue for this problem is the motor cable getting loose during shipping.

We have a guide available in our Wiki that shows how to re-connect the cable.

If this solution does not work, please wait for our team to get back to you and provide more detail to your ticket. I am sure they will offer a solution that works for you.


I feel your pain, brother. Your statement here is at the heart of this issue.

Bambu advertises a trouble-free out-of-the-box experience and prints in 20 minutes, and when it works, that is, in fact, true. If your experience were the only one posted here, this might be considered a fluke or a one-off. But the number and severity of mishandled complaints are abundant not just on this forum but throughout the internet. This could be dismissed as vocal whiners if it weren’t for the fact that they all have a recurring theme: poor response time, inadequate problem resolution, and often taking weeks and months to offer a solution.

A quote attributed to Tony Hsieh former CEO of Zappos:

The true test of a company’s commitment to customer service is how they handle problems, not when everything is perfect.

Bambu would do well to adopt an aggressive Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy if they wish to recover from continuing to tarnish their image and silencing the voices of critics on the web. What might that policy look like? If you bought a product and it failed within the return period, you would have the option of an advance replacement or an immediate refund with return freight paid. Instead, we see what can only be interpreted as stall tactics or, at best, incompetent customer support, not to mention an inherent accusation of assuming the customer is lying by forcing them to write information on a piece of paper and supply that with a photograph. Kidnappers do this, not ethical companies. Either scenario yields the same result: an unhappy customer and damage to their reputation.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention, and it should be noted, that early on, Bambu’s response to problems was exemplary, but now they may be overwhelmed. Trust is easy to lose and hard to regain. Apple excels in promptly addressing customer issues, a standard Bambu has often compared itself to. However, their closed ecosystem falls short of the experience Apple creates with its Walled Garden approach.


Actually, I’m impressed that their support assistant already responded (above) with a suggestion on what to do. It probably is the actual solution. If they ever worked at all, stepper motors don’t just stop working in transit unless they sustained enough damage to probably destroy the entire printer. They are built to take far more abuse than mere shipment. And on another thread too that I saw earlier today their engineer closed out a slicer bug report in less than 24 hours and even posted it in the thread where the discussion around it had taken place. I’ve never ever seen anything like this before from Bambu. So much so that I had assumed they didn’t even read these threads. And now not just one sighting, but two in one day. Maybe more that I haven’t seen. So, kudos to BBL for that. Nobody can fix the past, but it sounds like they’ve heard the complaints and it seems now they’re trying to do better at getting the word out.


It’s this that’s putting me off me purchasing a P1S with AMS. Has anyone else had good/bad experiences?

I bought a P1S Combo (AMS) a few months ago. It’s been fantastic. Printing PLA has been trouble-free, including multi-color stuff.

Expect a learning curve and some failed prints at first if/when you print PC or PA.

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Problems sometimes happens, and no brand is free of it. I’ve bought my P1S after a Creality K1. My K1 had a problem that Creality couldn’t solve. It was bent. Lot’s of complainings, sent the printer to them, they’ve sent it back to me sayng that it was ok, I’ve sent it back, and after 2 months without the printer, they’ve decided to replace it, and told me that I would have to wait 30 days for the replacement. So I’ve asked for my money back, took additional 20 days, and bought my P1S. After that I’m happy with the machine. Hope you guys find the best solutions for you.

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Maybe I’m the odd man out, but I’ve never had an issue with support delaying responses.
I fill out a ticket in Handy and usually next daty I have a response. My advice for getting a timely answer is:

  1. If you can before opening a ticket see if you can reproduce the issue, take pics of the error if displayed, and if you can the problem.

  2. List carefully the steps you’ve taken and if they can be reproduced. Include the pictures you’ve taken.

  3. Make it clear (respectfully) what steps you’ve done to troubleshoot, to fix, and if you know what the real problem is. Don’t be vauge.

  4. Include logs if you can. It is not neccesary to include them, you can open a ticket without, but if may help if you do. I’ve screwed my AP board twice and could not include logs. To be clear it was my own doing, and I had an agent keep in touch with me nearly every other day until the part arrived (I paid for it since my doing).

  5. Be polite. You may feel the answer isn’t fast enough, and that’s ok. These are people and they’re doing what they can with what they have. You are not the only open ticket, and you’re no important than the ones that opened before you.

Following these steps I’ve never waited long for a reply, usually a day. Being clear as to what the problem is without extra needless info helps. There may be a language barrier, do all you can to limit misunderstanding.

Hope this helps. My experience may be just mine and out of the norm. However I’ve found them to be helpful and as quick as can be expected.


I have not heard of anyone being hung out to dry and left for dead, but if you’re worried buy it from a retailer.

I think some people are just overwhelmed. It’s not surprising. Imagine you bought a metal lathe with zero background and then got frustrated and had a melt down when it turned out that making gears wasn’t super obvious. I’d estimate 90% is like that, and it’s those people who are clogging the system and slowing things down for the 1% who just need to get some warranty parts. As long as support is free, it’s going to be overutilized. Ask any economist. I think the best way out of this would be to have premium support on a pay-per-call basis, like how Microsoft had for Windows.

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Appreciate everyone taking the time to chip in with their experiences of Bambu Labs support.

I’ll be making my purchase shortly via the website, I can’t purchase from a retailer as I can’t find one in the UK that’s stocks anything Bambi Labs……

Fingers and everything crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:


I bought my p1s (and other stuff) from You’ll have to phone to get an idea when they’ll have stock.

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I have had nothing but amazing support, A1 owner plus A1 mini and P1S owner. Support is great, I show them respect and write clear and concise responses to all their questions and get great support :smile:

I hope it improves for you