Captcha on Download

I just ran into the capture while downloading today. I scanned a lot of models and checked them in the slicer to find the one that was worth printing. I was pretty quick navigating because I knew what I was looking for - but I can assure you, it was me and not a bot :sweat_smile:.

While the browsing felt normal, I was still surprised to be greeted by a captcha.
@Tanklet maybe the bot detection based on interactions could need some tuning?
It may be at least worth watching, to avoid regular users being mistakenly detected as bots. :robot:


the catchpa will appear if you download lots of models i believe ?

No, I had to solve a captcha to download a single model, without doing much prior browsing.

are you using vpn meaby ?

I don’t (25 chars, 25 chars, 25chars)


You can bookmark xsynatic’s post for later too, when you forget.

I’m not just a teacher of this tip, but also a victim of it’s non use.

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I wouldn’t complain about captcha. It helps fight against volume download and spam attacks on legit makers models to caused them to trigger the system to flag them down.


Then let them know your solution if you can provide one, otherwise, the statement has no weight.


This is how id look at a captcha if effected me
captcha = download limits without any real limits to users prepared to tick a box and help the site help those that benefit most
no captcha = just add download limits to prevent download exploiters using the system for there benifit, or malice against a particular account .
the attitude below ( no offence or accusation meant ) is usually what puts the exploiters off because they are time consuming and irksome to individuals

“Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”


Ran into captcha a few times over the last day or two. Small price to pay for point rewards.

I’d be open to doing it every download. Whatever, it’s not that hard I’m not a robot.


I’m sure they will be able to tune the captcha with time. If they use invisible captcha it should do a decent job of determining if you are human or bot based on browser interactions. I use them for sites at work and the only people that seem to have issues are the ones that are trying to set up automations.

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How often did you encounter captcha?
Did you download a lot on one day?
Or share a IP with others (who may download a lot of models)?

Did you encounter frequently?

No, from a convenience standpoint, this is perfectly fine for me. I encountered another captcha just a couple of minutes ago while downloading a couple of print profiles from my own (single) model to archive them. I triggered the download button in rapid succession, so I’m not surprised the Captcha was triggered.

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I get captcha just clicking on 3D Preview button… not even downloading.