Change Filament at Layer Height

I have searched everywhere in Bambu Studio and can’t find the “Change Filament at Layer Height” option. What am I missing?

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Here is how you can pause at a certain layer.


Slice the model first, then on the right side where you can move the layer line up and down, click on the ‘+’, filament change is there, then reslice.

Screenshot 2023-03-26 195256

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That “click” should be a right-click.


Only works with ams as the option is greyed out here.

However i just add a pause and do it manually

Ah, cool. I didn’t know it was an AMS only thing, thanks!

Thanks everyone. Cura does it completely differently. I was totally lost.

Actually… if you add a second fliament, then slice, then right click the plus sign on the layer you want to change colors… you should now have a Change Filament > option.

I have a P1P and after reading how you added the pause… I thought I’d try adding a second color filament to see if it would pick it up… and it does. It pauses the print and asks to change filament manually.


Thanks for pointing this out, it has significantly reduced the color changes. I was using the paint by layer tool which was cumbersome and always left remnant colors on layers creating multiple color changes in a layer. I like the paint tool but I can’t seem to master the paint by layer part.

This is kind of what I’m going through right now. I wonder if there’s a way to make those filament changes by layer and it actually show the pattern. Like if I’m doing multiple swaps I wanted to show me the actual pattern when I slice it. So when I change from red to blue by layer it’ll show it to me in the slicer instead of the paint tool

To pic up the topic again, because i not really found an other one regarding this…

I tried last time to add a “change filament” at a specific layer hight but the printer ignored it…

did i something wrong? or is this feature not working correctly?

i printed with TPU from an external spool and would like to change at a specific hight without AMS…

I think the “change filament” option only works with an AMS. I don’t have an AMS and it used to be grayed out; Current versions of Studio and Orcaslicer don’t even show the option

Insert a Pause instead.

Then, on my X1C, my only touchscreen option then is resume. Using Studio or Handy, I cut the filament manually by squeezing the toolhead lever, reverse the extruder until I can pull back the filament, feed in the new color, grab with the extruder control and purge. Then Resume the print.

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i did the same… i added a pause in a certain layer hight and pressed unload button on the touchscreent to unload the current filament… and loaded the new one… then I resumed the print which was working fine…

but i would love to add the change filament option, because i have different TPU filaments which have to be threated differently… (different temp and flow) … ok… temperature is possible to change after the resume… but the flow is the same as the first filament…