Clarifications toward download/print numbers adjustments


Recently we’ve flagged some instances where users are deliberately abusing our rewarding system. In order to combat such score manipulation, we have implemented some risk control strategies in our recent update, which may have an impact on everyone’s scores. The main changes include but are not limited to:

  1. Multiple prints of the same model will only be counted once.

  2. For multi-plate models, each plate was counted as a separate print previously. However, we observed that some users only print the smallest/easiest plate of a complex model repeatedly. Therefore, regardless of the number of plates, it will only be counted as one print now.

Regarding the second point, our previous intention was to provide more rewards for complex models. However, as we will soon introduce a new mechanism to reward complex models, we have decided to temporarily remove this feature.

Additionally, the following rules are designed to specifically target score manipulators. Our regular users won’t likely be affected.

  • Download Count for potential bot accounts:

    • We determined that there were bot accounts performing bulk downloads of models, and we will implement count restrictions on such accounts.
  • Print Time Limitation:

    • Prints with a duration shorter than a certain time will be subject to additional restrictions or may not be counted.

In this update, we’ve also tackled the issue of increasing bot account registrations on MakerWorld, thanks to feedback from many of our dedicated community members. In response, we have added human-machine verification steps during the registration process to prevent such issues.

We greatly value all the feedback and suggestions you have provided, and are committed to transforming MakerWorld into a fairer, more enjoyable, and rewarding community for our designers and makers.

The MakerWorld Team


@MakerWorld thx a lot for clarification! I like to see that action is taken against abuse of the system and find countermeasures against bots!

Do you plan to add something in terms of “Systems” or Variants?

For Example:

This is a model, with multiple variants provided as print profiles. The intention here is to avoid spamming the platform with the same model scaled to different sizes, that should not be done in the slicer. This was the recommended way of providing sets a while back. While it´s not perfect, it groups everything nicely together and allows and makes each variant for the user easily accessible.

It gives the user the choice, without a single massive profile that would contain in this case 108 buildplates. It not only makes it easier for the user to grasp what belongs to a variant but also makes it easier to maintain, as it´s currently not possible to group build-plates in the software or sort them manually.

It also allowed me as a creator to see, what variants are accepted and which are not. By checking the prints and downloads for each variant. As this information is not available anymore, it is now really a guessing game.

Edit 1:

I forgot to add, that it would be nice to see the real verified prints. Even if they provide no rewards, or count as such.

Aside from that.

With these changes implemented, I fear that people will move away from providing Sets back to single uploads as they are now far more rewarding again. While I see and fully agree with the intention here. I think it would not be beneficial for the platform and the user to have all these single uploads of KeyChains, Filament Spool Adapters, Boxes, Screws, Organizers, and all these things that fall into these categories.

I will personally not change my behavior until there is a better solution available or it becomes an unwanted behavior. But I’ve read that people are holding back uploads and may probably change how they provide their models.

One last wish, If you implement changes. Please communicate them.


Thanks for your support to MakerWorld and valuable suggestions.

We can add it as a new counter in “Analitycs”, for example:

  1. Distinct Prints
  2. Non-Distinct Prints

For creators who tend to split a model with multiple variant, this mechanism may give some help.

I agree. That is what we learned. At leat we will publish a rule change notification along with a major change.


So there is absolutely no reason to release complex prints now. Just make tons of simple trinkets now. Got it.

This is an absolutely horrible way to deal with the cheaters. It hurts the people playing by the rules more than the cheaters.

I think what I am angriest about is how this has gone on for a week and you never responded or addressed it with the community. You appear to not value the very people creating content for you.


There really is no way of pleasing some people. They cry “You need to communicate your changes!” and when communication happens they cry “We don’t like your communication!” yet they offer no constructive input of actually how to solve the issues at hand. They just stomp their feet and complain about the decisions made.

Hot take - Makerworld is trying to make it work. If you don’t like it there are plenty of other 3d model sharing sites. Speak with your feet and take your models elsewhere.


All I want to say is thank you for the official communication. I look forward to communicating becoming standard when changes are made.


People like to forget this part.

It’s still a Beta, things don’t always work out, things change.


Hardly a participation trophy. Every print released was tested with filament that costs real dollars. This was a business transaction with clear cut rules. MakerWorld chose to change the rules and not tell us for a week thinking we wouldn’t notice.

In the end though I am over it. System definitely needs fixed maybe these changes will help. The rewards were good while it lasted.


they offer a free opportunity and you earned rewards yet you still cry about it, go find another site that offers such generous rewards, hint: its not printables/prusa… their free filament has $30 in shipping charges… absolutley nothing free with them. also as someone pointed out above its still a work in progress(beta) the are working out the kinks if you are going to blame anyone blame all the losers manipulating the points system

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you probably missed this part as well

Temporarily and working on a new mechanism to reward complex models…

You are completely right, they offered the best rewards and it had to come to an end some time…like I said I am over it.

And yes I did miss the complex model part initially. Hopefully it works out.


  1. How does the human-machine verification prevents one user from setting up multi[le acccounts, and use them to cross-download and print their own models? As is, all one needs is an email address, which can be obtained freely and as many as one wishes.
  2. Related question: when an uploader downloads and prints their own models, do these numbers count?

IMO downloader should be allowed one download and print to test and make sure all loads well

It shouldn’t be counted at all. So the model desinger can download, print, and test as many times as they want. This is obvious, but I have never gotten any definitive answer on this.

that woirks for me too , i dont have any desire to manipulate points

They really should not count designer downloads of their own models. I have found it convenient to download my stuff as it is quicker than doing a search on my computer but it shouldn’t count for points.

The item that hasn’t been addressed is if a person decides to download a designers entire catalog at one time. Does the designer only get the download credit on the first 5 and then nothing for the rest or their models being downloaded?


Well it’s nice to see a reply to the question many of us have been wondering about. Also nice to see action is being taken. A bit heavy handed but not sure if there would have been other ways to keep it going for the good users but punish the bad ones.

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@Tanklet Can you share any more details on how multi-plate prints will be counted going forward? I’ve been releasing some moderately popular keychain packs, and i’ve used the full 36 allowable plates in some cases so I can include as many objects in one pack/download as possible.

I think this makes my uploads stand out against the competition since I take high quality images of all my prints, all of the included models are designed and tested to be high quality, and there’s a large variety of items for users to print in each pack.

I think it would be really silly to be forced to split up the packs into individual items on makerworld so individual items in each of my packs could be counted.

I know there’s not a lot of users doing what i’m doing here, so this might be a bit of edge case, but i’d love for it to be taken into consideration when the new rules go into effect.



Once they have been determined to be bot accounts, shouldn’t they be kicked out permanently? Why bother with placing restrictions only?


My guess is that if they delete the account the person will know and create another bot account which takes time for Makerworld to recognize and the cycle repeats. If Makerworld just limits countable downloads for the account then the bot will just keep on bot’ing and Makerworld can collect usage statistics on it and perhaps link it to other bot accounts.