Clicking when head moves to front left

Has anyone else encountered the strange clicking noise when the printer head on the x1c moves to the front left? I’ve looked at the belts on all axis and no issues there. The ptfe and ribbon cable aren’t bumping the glass as the head is farther away from the right. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes come back. The bed is levelled prior to printing and flow calibration is perfect as the printed object prints without error or defects. Any ideas??

I have not but posible might be the filament cutter blade getting dull or the filament cutting arm might have a cracked you can inspect it.

Filament Cutter replacement guide

I had the same/similar problem. With my printer the problem was the PTFE Tube that was not far enough out of the X1 at the backside in combination with the tube position when the printer head was at left front position. This caused the tube to move a bit in and out the printer and this produced a click sound. If you print without the top glass you will see and hear the problem.
Solution at my end: Put the PTFE tube as far out that at the inside the tube clamp was at back and print 3 clips to hold the PTFE tube to the black belt.

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Hi thanks for your reply could you attach some photos of what you did to resolve this just so I can do it too :+1:

Photo 1:
Here you see what was the problem with my printer.
The connector (red arrow) was moving to the purple arrow exit of the printer and if my head was in the left front the tube moved so that purple and red were together and this made it clicked.

I solved it by moving the connector to the back and printing the golden clips.
Workable solution:

Hi, thanks for your reply, I’ll give this a go, thank you for being so helpful :+1:

Tried what you suggested, but the popping occurs when the toolhead is front left corner, thought about printing a ptfe support so hopefully it may be a strain on the ptfe causing the popping/slipping noise. :slight_smile:

Mine had a clear protection tab of plastic that was hanging down look like it might have been for the wire to the display I tucked it in better and the clicking stopped.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply, can you send me a picture of where this was and ill check mine :slight_smile:

So i tried all the suggestions, it sounds like its the belt, having searched reddit, lots of users are reporting to hear this clicking noise so bambu lab must be aware. If it is the timing belts worn out, will bambu replace the belts for free whilst we are within our warranty?

I am a new owner of the Bambu Carbon X1C, with 19 hours of use the ticking that. you describe suddenly became noticeable. Were there anymore comments as to the fix? The only difference from what you described is that the ticking only occurs when to tool travels from right to left…not in both directions. I haven’t observed the ptfe tube and nozzle clicking at this point and the noise seems to be isolated in the tool head itself.