**Cloning Problem**

Today I printed these valve caps.


First a pair of Bambu-Lab-PETG in excellent quality. A slight layer offset can be seen in the picture. This is clearer in the photo than with the naked eye.

Here is the relevant file:


Then I copy and paste the 2 caps and printed 4 of them.

All went ok.

After this I rightklicked the 1st object, cloned it 6 times, marked all with Strg+A and arranged them.

This is how the print looked after some layers.

Here is the relevant file:


What happened to the file?



I wonder if its oozing between parts feom over extrusion or not enough retract. Just a guess based on it being in the same area if each part. Is it also over a seam? Petg is naturally pretty stringy. The added movement time between multiple parts could be allowing a good amount to ooze out. Did you run the flow calibration also?

Increasing the count of parts increase the layer time too. So maybe the higher layer time results in higher print speed an this results in the shown problem. You can check in Slicer by taking a look at the speeds of the sliced plate.

The seam is aligned in this file. Here is the position.

The flaws are suspiciously close to the seam positions.

I am surprised that the component at position 1 has no errors.

The nozzle comes from the prime tower to part 1.
I can’t really give a clear answer to your solutions at the moment.
I have to take a closer look at this. I will come back to the topic.

I’ve loaded your .3mf file into Bambu Studio and took a look at the speeds. As you can see, if you are printing 10 clones, the printing speed goes up to around 200 mm/s:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-05 um 09.40.30
And if you only are printing 2 clones, the printing speed is around 50 mm/s:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-05 um 09.40.47

I think, the simple way is, to slow down the speed for outer wall, inner wall and sparse infill to 50 mm/s and test if it works.

The other way could be, to find the optimal settings for the filament, for example the retraction settings maybe optimized or temperatures.

Also a point for PETG can be moisture: Am I Experiencing A PETG Issue - What causes this? - #13 by print.in.3d

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I didn’t know you could see the speed in the preview.
In the slicer settings under Speed, all speeds were set the same.
Thanks to your help. I now know where to look.
I’ll take a look at it later and report back.
First of all, thank you for your effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

A short message in between:
I’ve now lowered the Other Layers Speed ​​settings and reprinted the valve caps.
With these settings it works now:

Here the result:


Totally unrelated to this thread, but I like that little design you put on the top of the caps. I wanted to ask how you did it? It looks like a simple little extrusion, but I’m curious how much (i.e. did did you fiddle around in CAD with the extrusion height before you got it right, etc.) It looks like those two black stripes are curved without sharp corners, as if you just squeezed a bit of filament out on each, and that’s the look I’m going for, so yeah, I figured I’d ask. Thanks!

I simply used the Text Shape Tool in Bambu Studio.