Color lithophanes? Check out our new CMYK Filament Bundle

Any ETA on when the light boards will be back in stock

They are in stock in the US. I assume you’re not here?

Thanks for the reply … they actually said sold out for the US just this afternoon but now show in stock I grabbed a couple !!

Wiki article need some update. Thanks

The US Store is not loading. Is it down?

It just loaded up for me.

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Seems to be down for me.

Oddly enough, if I navigate there through the website, it loads fine. Following a link from somewhere else doesn’t. Exact same URL so it must be some settings somewhere (probably security in my browser).

Hi all,
For those interested, there is also PIXEstL for creating color lithophanes.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Bambulab filaments are already calibrated in the default palette.

  • It is also possible to create your own palette by adding/calibrating any filament.

  • The program allows for using more than 4 colors because, let’s be honest, lithophanes in 4 colors are quite limited, especially for managing pastel colors or skin tones.
    Personally, I usually print between 7 and 9 colors. This allows for reproducing any image quite faithfully/close.

  • A special mode has also been added to print in 7 colors with just one AMS.

  • The software accepts all png and jpg images, even those with transparency (useful for creating lithophanes with special shapes).

  • The program runs locally, so there are no availability or privacy issues (so no problem for making lithophanes of your little ones).

The program is open source and free. You can be found here: GitHub - gaugo87/PIXEstL: A program for creating color lithophanies and pixel images

A pre-compiled version is available in the “release” section.


Wow nice ive been looking for months Like this

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Yes this PIXEstl software looks really encouraging, I downloaded yesterday and tried a few examples using macOS and running the batch file through terminal. Have ordered 0.2mm nozzle and second AMS unit to print some colour Lithophanes, will update on my results. Thanks for posting the link and providing detailed instructions.

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This program is very powerfull with 2 AMS.
The best combo for colors lithophanes is : cyan, magenta, yellow, ice blue, sakura pink, beige, sakura pink, white and black.

I also mix something with Grey and matte latte brown for some specific cases (black/grey/white lithophanes, dark skin, etc.)

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So I can’t handle the program at all. Unfortunately nothing is in German. It’s super complicated


Maybe google translate can help u :

I have the problem that my litho prints are super pixelated. I do it with Litho maker. Com and the pictures are of great quality. But after editing online they are totally blurry. Can Hand help me?

I may not be able to answer your specific questions but perhaps my limited experience may help.

These tools are not “click and print”, they require trial and error to get what you require.
I used for a while but couldn’t get a decent quality colour print, blacks were coming out as blue. I tried to edit the picture to try and compensate but no luck. I managed to get in contact with the author of the colour tool in and he informed that there are issues with the colour algorithm and that work is ongoing to try and correct. So for me I had reached a dead end with this software. For more information on this see my post:

Then gaugo posted his new software application which I have downloaded and tested, initial results are really encouraging, the software allows multiple filament colours to be used (not limited to 4 colours as to allow good colour detail. I am waiting on my second AMS and 0.2mm nozzle to print my results from PIXEstL.

I would encourage you to have a look at PIXEstL, once you get past the initial learning curve it is very easy to use and for me at the moment the results look good. Will post my results once I’m up and running.

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Thanks ok also a Problem with the Homepage. Thanks a lot

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Received my 2nd AMS unit and 0.2mm nozzle, the attached picture is my 2nd attempt at Lithophane print using PIXEstL software, for me the result is impressive:

The photograph does not do justice to the actual Lithophane itself which has good brightness and plenty of detail.

The Lithophane print took 16 hours to print on my P1S, details are:
7 colours of filament -
Bambu Lab PLA Basic Jade White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Beige and Silver.
0.2mm nozzle
0.1mm layer height
4 walls
100% rectilinear infill
Brim 5mm

PIXEstL settings included -cW of 0.4mm, -w dimension of 108mm to give overall dimensions of 108mm x 144mm (picture ratio 1.333) to allow fitting into the frame shown on the CMYK filament product page.

Next steps - I need to understand better which filament colours to use in certain situations, all part of the learning process!

Big thanks to @gaugo for the PIXEstL software and detailed information.


Nice result.
Welcome to the PIXEstL family :grin: :grin: :grin:

The photograph does not do justice to the actual Lithophane itself which has good brightness and plenty of detail.

I recommend you to take the photo with a low ISO (like a ISO50), because the light quickly saturates the lens.

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I ordered the package with "free light frame the first time it was offered.

I got the filament within a couple of days and since the promotion said that that the lighted frame would ship “when available”, I just waited patiently. It never came.

It turns out that instead of just mailing the light frame to the same address that the filaments were sent to, they send an EMAIL (when they are ready) that you must respond to within xx days.

If you don’t not see the email, you don’t get your light frame. They aren’t available at any time after the xx days.

You must purchase one after that.


This has been the ONLY event in dealing with bambu lab that has seemed bogus.

Of course this MAY be caused by their continued use of as their store back-end, which will find a way to infuriate every customer every time they have to deal with that dumpster-fire-mix of programming and sleazy marketing.