Contest Schedule Mar.25-Apr.9

Hi Makers,

We just cant get enough of your amazing entries for our contests, absolutely no reason to slow the pace down as we are delighted to announce our next three contest themes!

-Mar.25——Spring/Flower: Spring is upon us and everything is coming back to life again. Showcase how you would decorate your environment with flowers and other spring elements. Surprise us with your color and pattern coordination!

-April.1——Filament Purge: Demonstrate how you smartly incorporate filament purges(or “poop” as it’s humorously known) into your designs and inspire innovative ways to reuse printing waste. No limitations on the type of entries you submit, but make sure to elaborate on how you’ve integrated filament purges into your designs.

-April.9——Car Cabin Accessories: Finding adequate storage and free space in your vehicle is often a challenge, isn’t it? There’s never enough room for your phone or drinks, and charging wires seem to be constantly tangled. Help drivers and passengers in freeing up more cabin space with your creations. Make sure to test them out before sharing!

Start brainstorming for ideas and mesmerize us with your incredible entries.

The MakerWorld Team


That filament purge contest is going to be interesting.


Contests look interesting, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Be good to have a movie themed contest in the future.


Thanks for doing these! I’m just not creative enough to come up with anything, so having some particular directions to push towards every few weeks keeps this hobby fresh. :slight_smile:


These are all very interesting topics! :100:

These topics are great, that filament poop contest is going to be epic…


Love the ideas! Can’t wait to see the entries :heart_eyes:

just gave me a reason to join this platform and put my files on here! cant wait to join!!

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I love the poop idea. Thought often about how it could be re-used as a functional element or design element in other prints. I can’t await to see the creativity of people with this topic.

Please, pin contest shedule to makerworld main page or contest page so we dont need to search forums for this info, thanks :slight_smile:


We already added this to our checklist and is working on it. Will let you and the community know once its done.


I think it’s time we enter the contest scene… goodluck to everyone!

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once the deadline is here how do we enter?

What is the theme of the Spring/Flower contest? To simplify, is it about the flowers or the pots to grow flowers? :slight_smile:

The description on this announcement is:

While the info on the Contest Detail page is:

"Spring is in full swing, and there are numerous activities waiting for us to enjoy as nature comes back to life! MakerWorld invites all designers to gear up picnic lovers, trekking enthusiasts, or camping hobbyists with your innovative creativity. Show us how your entries will bring the mellow and cozy atmosphere of spring closer to our makers, enhancing their enjoyment of spring activities to the fullest.

Potential ideas for entries:

Picnic Gadgets/Decors

Plant Variety of Flowers

Camping Accessories/Tools

Trekking Necessities

To answer your direct question: It can be both. We originally wanted primarily flowers, but we decided to expand our entry pool by allowing anything related to spring activities. You can pretty much submit any decor/tool/item you believe that is related to Spring(flowers or flower pot included), as long you explain the reasons why you believe so in the descriptions.
Hope this will answer your question.
Happy Printing!

i would love to submit my entry but it’s unclear where i’m supposed to submit it :slight_smile: please let me know so i can join!

Once you enter the contest page, you will see a ‘Join the Contest’ Button in the middle of our contest banner. Click on it to submit your entries. Be sure to check that your contest entries fulfill all the rules and requirements!

1st April… interesting…
Super excited about the car cabin thoughts though - to the CAD-mobile, CADman!

@BambuLab we are april 1st is this going to be antoher day for the contest ? thanks