Could the P1S purchased with AMS be used without the AMS?

Potential new user here, with questions: as the header already states , I would like to know if a P1S purchased complete with the AMS, could be (temporarily be used without the AMS?

The reason for my question is, because the specification of the AMS documentation states the following:
Filaments that are too soft, brittle or abrasive are not compatible with the AMS, such as Bambu PET-CF/ TPU 95A, TPE, PVA (wet), BVOH (wet), and other brands’ PET-CF/GF, PA-CF/GF, PAHT-CF/GF,etc.

I would occasionally want to print TPU, and that is not recommended.
So, this would not be a problem, if the AMS could be easily be removed, if I want to print TPU.
Or is the AMS not easy to be removed and the base unit operational without the AMS?

Just disconnect the ptfe tube of the AMS and select the external spool on the printer. All the information is available on Bambu Lab WIKI page.

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Yes, of course, it works without AMS.
As the previous speaker already wrote, simply disconnect the hose at the top of the housing by pressing it and insert the filament there until there is resistance.
The separate filament holder on the housing is also located directly underneath.

Pressing Load in the display menu automatically loads the Filamet into the extruder. But it also works with the app.

The P1S Combo is nothing other than the P1S without AMS. With the combo, everything is in one box, or the AMS is stored in the printing room during transport and is also screwed there for safety.

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Thanks for the responses: it is going to work without a problem, I understand. Thanks for your time: once you have the machine, such a question of mine must be very simple, but if you never have seen the machine, then things are a little different.
I now know what I needed.
Thanks again.

You could start reading the Wiki of Bambu Lab. You can learn a lot before having the printer.

Yes @Avgils , you did say that in your first response, and I am busy doing it :wink:

There are a variety of Y splitters you can print that will allow you to switch between spool holder and AMS without unplugging PTFE tubes, but at least (1) you need to turn off / disable the AMS each print including between plates, and (2) you need to unload the filament manually when switching between.

Just add that when printing from an external spool, you can (must) disable the AMS. The way Indi this is in the final PRINT dialog box un-tick the ‘Enable AMS’ tick box. Them hit ‘PRINT’.