Customer Support Update - Bambu Lab

Considering the recent circumstances, we believe it is important to share with our users the current status of our customer support. It is our responsibility to inform our valued users of the challenges we are facing.

More importantly, we are committed to being as transparent as possible, which is why we have this blog.


Thank you. Sounds like a good plan.

" For techical tickets, our current aim is to reach a 3 business day reply time while we further scale up, with the future target being under 24 hours."

This is an ambitious plan, compared to the present status. Do you have a timeline, when you think that this will happen ?

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Thanks Bambu Lab Team. This is the information we’ve all been waiting for.


One of the major things customer support needs to be looking into is the conjunction of the Makerworld accounts and our printer accounts. If we are banned on MW, we CAN’T UPLOAD TO OUR PRINTERS. Thankfully my account was restored but I see others here on the forum being bogusly banned (suspicious download activity triggered by a measly ten downloads? Come on) and appeals denied, and these people can’t use their printers as advertised when it was purchased. I complained about this when I submitted my appeal ticket and it was said to me that it would be addressed and fixed, but there are people out here banned from MW for a year and can’t upload to their printers or use the Handy app at all after only having a Bambu printer for a month. That doesn’t sound like good customer relations. Makerworld is NOT part of our printing function and should not have any bearing on it.


Hello, for some reason, all my support tickets disappeared… And the status service shows “everything operational” so where is the problem?


I (finally, after waiting nearly a month) received a reply telling me how to send back my printer, BUT there was no ahipping label attached to print.

I have replied to the ticket with no response, reached out via email with no response, and now my support ticket has disappeared altogether.

I need to speak with somebody to get this mess sorted.

For me as well. Other users reporting this too.

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Okay thank you very much for confirming. So the system just didn’t reflect the outage. Have a great time

why is it the camera on my P1S is not working now after the last network up date ?

My previous ticket created days before this announcement has been waiting for a response and I check back today and its not deleted and gone… Now I try and submit another ticket reference the email confirmation of the first ticket and now it says internal server error…HELP.

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Why the support delete my ticket?the ticket is not fixed and also not in unfixed section.Is just DELETED!!

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My Ticket come back yesterday and i can see it now in my Ticket section.But without answer from Bambu its worthless.Have a look maybe your first ticket came back like me…

Good question but good luck expecting an answer. They are not even close to their “current aim” and it’s well past the point they can still fall back on the Chinese New Year as an excuse.

I have yet to have a trouble ticket answered by more than a mass message from Bambu.

We have parts literally breaking off the machine, and zero response.

In other cases, we have problems, provide photos and testing (including thermal imaging of parts not heating correctly), and nothing but radio silence.

Like this bed… tons of parts warping and 1st layer issues (like the leveling doenst actually work) and you can see how it is not performing as it should.

Ordering parts from other companies seems like it is the solution, which I expect from companies like Creality… this whole situation is just less than optimal.

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@BambuLab I have been waiting for ticket response for serious issue now a week, my printer is just sitting on the table and I cant use it :slight_smile: Also, I dont know whether this has a fix, and I dont have that much time to actually tinker with the printer hours and hours. I bought bambu printer not to suffer tinkering and to have a really reliable machine. Give me any solution, please. So far I am frustrated :confused:

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I have been waiting since Feb 6th with no response. I am a small business that is losing customers. @BambuLab where are you??

I am trying to do self support on my new P1S by using this forum but I can’t create a TOPIC. The forum says that I don’t have access to the resource. Is there something I need to do to create a post?


When companies manufactured well engineered appliance, like Dyson or Festool, customer service is challenging. When you sell products which is not well engineered, and expect your customers to debug your stuff customer service becomes impossible. Bambu Labs, this is your current state of your business. Either you make a radical change in your engineering and customer service approach or you will be like Nokia. Out of business. The choice is yours.


I received a defective X1-Carbon printer from Bambu Lab back on February 20, 2024. I immediately reached out to support requesting a return label, as I was not going to wait an unknown amount of time for parts to repair a brand new defective product. As of this writing, I am still waiting for that return shipping label, that they finally acknowledged they would send a week ago. Good thing I purchased a replacement X1-Carbon from a local authorized reseller or I would have been out of business going on almost 3 weeks now. BTW - I am still awaiting my refund and voucher for my recalled A1 Combo. Please dedicate the necessary resources to support your growing customer base.

Keep up the good job and thanks for keeping us informed😊