Cut without lose painting?


Do you know if is possible to cut a object into two parts with the tool of Bambu Studio without lost the painting applied in Bambu Studio to whole object?


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I’m curious to know why you’re seeking assistance from the community for such a straightforward query that you could easily test on your own. Is there any particular reason preventing you from giving it a try? You won’t even need to use any filament to find the answer.

Call me baffled.


I tried and always painting disappear when cutting an object, I ask because I don´t know if there is some hidden trick or something to cut without loss the painting…

OK. Well, it appears you have your answer then. Thanks for sharing the finding with the community.

BTW: Having not tested it myself, I would have wagered that your result would have been the logical outcome.

Consider the task that a software developer would have to solve in order to transfer painting to two cut objects. For starters, does one preserve the cut edge or project the paint onto the cut? The part that was cut, what color does the face that is exposed inherit? And of course, the big question, what would be the advantage to devoting resources to this feature that may have a limited use-case?

It seems like you’ve put an inordinate amount of time and effort into being as unhelpful as possible. The question was very straightforward. If you don’t know the answer or don’t have anything to contribute, DON’T RESPOND!


I was generally curious as to what was behind the question. Perhaps I was missing something.

It’s called a discussion group for a reason. Likewise, if you don’t have a stake in the discussion why participate?

Because I am genuinely interested in the answer.


That does not explain your acrimonious response to a legitimate discussion point.

You must be pretty new here as @Olias puts a lot of time into creating very detailed and lengthy posts on this forum for people who have legitimate questions.

It is easy to be frustrated with people who ask questions that could be easily answered with a quick search or simply trying it. It is easy for regulars to be frustrated by this. I do feel this is a space that for the most part is very helpful. There are a lot of people who use the forum for help but fewer who go out of there way to help.


I just got done with a lot of testing as I had this issue as well (and then found your post). It seem no matter what is done, once you cut a painted object it looses the coloring. Changing the painting mode does not make a difference.

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There are a LOT of ways to paint an object and a LOT of ways to cut it. There are also a LOT of other different settings. The OP was simply asking if anyone did know of a way to do this. The OP then also tried some ways in an effort to see out the solution on his/her own. You are faulting the OP for attempting to find a solution on his/her own and then not coming up with a solution.


[quote=“Olias, post:7, topic:47652, full:true”]I was generally curious as to what was behind the question. Perhaps I was missing something.

It’s called a discussion group for a reason. Likewise, if you don’t have a stake in the discussion why participate?

Not according to what you posted as you then went on to criticize the OP for trying a few things, not finding an answer and asking for any other possible solutions. If you wanted to know “why” the OP wanted to do this… a simple, “Why do you want to do this” would have been the appropriate question.

But I’ll answer the “why” question. Because it is much easier and exact to color the object as a whole, rather then going back and coloring several objects. I think that should be obvious.

Regardless, it is certainly a valid question.


Nobody ever interpreted it as anything but a valid question. The issue at hand is that one has one way of expressing clarification and another person asks the question in a different way. You seek to see hostility so that’s what you found. In other words perhaps your denial of your own hostility where mine was simply seeking clarification is an indication of, doth yee protest too much or perhaps your seeing gremlins when there are nothing but honest intentions.

It is obvious it was not a “valid question” as you admit to not having an answer, tell the person they could answer it themselves, ask them why they have not taking the time to answer themselves and the then try to act like you were just asking a question. You had zero need for the answer so you (obviously) were not just asking a question. I know that, you know that, every can see that.

I also then gave you the answer why.

While the programming may be more complicated it appears that it might only be an issue in that the app is not locking in the colors. If it did, they could simply be cut with the rest of the object. It should be no more difficult to cut one color bit then another color bit.


@espariz I would like to find a solution to this too. Hopefully in a Bambu studio update.

And @Olias all of your comments make you sound like an asshole.


Cutting without loosing painting worked in version of Bambu Studio but has been broken since version the entire object gets changed to a single color after a cut operation. It’s broken in Orca slice now as well. I keep version of Bambu Studio on a VM just in case I need to cut painted object.


Wow! Thank you! I didn´t know that trick!

I am so sorry that I have to hijack this thread, but I have a serious question:

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Do you make something special? I downloaded but the issue continues the same. Figure is printed with different colours but at the moment of cutting, they disapears